Two Tunes for Christmas

Such as it is the StillWalks website is back online albeit through WordPress. So check the blog menu for all that is StillWalks. There will be lots of further developments in the New Year.

In the meantime, here are a couple of Christmas tunes from our town band – i.e in the background along with the birds and the rain!

Or listen via SoundCloud below.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone.

StillWalks Website Issues

My apologies to everyone who has been trying to get to the StillWalks website. The problems caused by the site being hacked are proving to be more difficult to resolve than expected. We hope to have the site back online soon.

Please browse and follow this blog and you will be notified as soon as everything is fixed.

In the meantime I will be adding some features to the blog that will replicate some of those on the website and you can still visit the StillWalks Facebook page and view a wide collection of images on Flickr as well as purchasing photos at PhotoBox.

Anyone interested in buying StillWalks DVD Collections 1 or 2 or any individual StillWalks videos or vouchers should contact me by email at ad[at]stillwalks[dot]com

Some StillWalks videos and StillWalks Project videos can be seen on Vimeo.

Affected by Atmosphere

Walking out along the Loughor Estuary last Sunday morning, the weather was still but overcast and the sound of the M4 motorway was even more evident than usual. I love the marshes on the estuary and the old St Teilo’s churchyard, and I normally find that I suppress the sound of traffic in my head and listen instead to the birds, sheep, cattle and wind along with the sound of my footsteps in the grass or mud and the rustling of the reeds.

These are some of the sounds recorded in the StillWalks I have produced here. I did not do any sound recording on Sunday but I got a few shots of the area and thought about how much the sounds we hear are so unique to the time and place we are in. They are the result of things like the weather conditions before and during our visit as well as the activities of others, like driving along the motorway on a Sunday morning to go shopping or visit family or whatever. Twenty five years ago there was virtually no Sunday morning traffic on the M4 but even now the traffic sound can seem distant if the wind is in the right direction or other environmental aspects such as a high tide, rain or time of year change the conditions.

This is something we’ll be looking at on the Sights and Sounds of the Countryside project which you can find out about here or follow on Facebook.

The StillWalks website is offline at the moment due to malicious hackers but you can see 480p versions of two StillWalks from the Loughor Estuary on Vimeo – After the Tide and the Old Churchyard Walk. They will be available to buy in full HD when the site is back up and running.

Here are some photos of the Loughor Estuary and the marshes. Image prints can be purchase at PhotoBox.

IMG_5425 IMG_5427 IMG_5435 IMG_5443 IMG_5447 IMG_5451 IMG_5461 IMG_5466 IMG_5467

Hereford Cathedral

Here we go then, as promised, some photos from Hereford Cathedral which we visited last Saturday. We must go again to see more, particularly the Mappa Mundi. It was frustrating not to have more time.


The “Corona” above the altar – designed and made by Simon Beer, Siversmith, of Lewes in Sussex and paid for by the Friends of Hereford Cathedral. It was assembled on the crossing floor in late 1992 and dedicated in December.


Tapestries by John Piper


One of the boilers / radiators, an effective way to heat such a building.


One of the amazing organs.

IMG_3661 IMG_3664 IMG_3670

A Visit to Hereford

First I must tell everyone that the StillWalks website is currently offline due to a hacking attack. 🙁 I hope to have it back up and running by the end of the week. This blog is still going as is the Facebook page and Flickr.

Another trip to a new place – this time to visit Hereford College of Art with my daughter who will be starting a degree in applied arts next year.

The college was very good and the lecturers very enthusiastic. Hereford was a great place too. We visited the Museum and Art Gallery and the cathedral and were very impressed. The gallery had an exhibition on called Emerge from the Made in the Middle organisation and the cathedral was a fascinating place. We will have to visit again.

Here are some pics from the exhibition – tomorrow I’ll put some up from the cathedral, all taken on my iPhone!

IMG_3657 IMG_3652 IMG_3651 IMG_3650 IMG_3646 IMG_3645 IMG_3642

New Photos

Here are some photos from last weekend’s Green Fayre at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. They can also be seen on Flickr.

All in all the fair went well but I look forward to a weekend off sometime. Not this weekend though as we are off to Hereford tomorrow for a College of Art open day and exhibition – not a bad way to be busy 😉 It’s another place I have never been so I’m looking forward to it – I should probably take my camera!


It’s All Go with the Green Fayre

This weekend StillWalks will be at the Green Fayre in the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. Organised by Swansea Environment Centre and next to the Winter Wonderland Christmas Fair with its Big Wheel and ice skating rink, to say nothing of the attraction of the museum itself, it should prove to be a busy weekend – fingers crossed again!

We will be showing the full StillWalks video range on HDTV and will be selling

  • StillWalks DVD Collections 1 and 2 
  • Framed and unframed photo prints
  • Gift vouchers and cards

Lizard Point again – In my last post I said I was going to put up some more images from Lizard Point this week but I have been so busy with project work, I have not managed it. Below are some photos from my daughter, Hannah,  that I  have picked out from those she took at Lizard Point and I think they’re great 😉 She has done her Photography A level, is now doing Foundation Art and is looking at universities for next year. Her own blog can be found at

Lizard Point

Looking out at the Lizard

Lizard Point

Over the edge at the Lizard

Lizard Point

Peeping out at the Lizard

Lizard Point

Lizard Point

Lizard Point

Lizard Point

Lizard Point

Lizard Point

Lizard Point

Caught in the act

Looking at the Lizard – Lizard Point

Travelling down to Falmouth last Friday was difficult and disappointing – there was mist all the way and so, as we crossed Bodmin Moor, we could see nothing of it. We were  visiting Falmouth University with my daughter who thought the place was great.

Falmouth, despite the weather, was clearly a very attractive town. We had a walk about after our tour of the Tremough Campus and then enjoyed fish and chips for tea.

Staying overnight at Lizard Point Youth Hostel was fun! “It was a dark and stormy night” as we approached The Lizard along roads that became increasingly narrow and dark. It was only the light from the lighthouse (and the foghorn) that finally guided us to our destination. We kept our fingers crossed that the weather would improve by morning and in the meantime I enjoyed recording the foghorn.

If you don’t see the sound clips below because you’re viewing this in an email, then click the title to go to the blog or the individual links to listen to the Lizard Point set on SoundCloud.

Saturday morning did reveal much better weather which improved through the day. I had never been to this part of Britain before and enjoyed it immensely! I have included a few images below but there are 31 in all on Flickr all of which are available to purchase through the StillWalks PhotoBox site.

Lizard Lighthouse-1

Lizard Lighthouse-1

Lizard Point Youth Hostel

Lizard Point Youth Hostel

A View from Lizard Point

A View from Lizard Point

Taking a Bow at Lizard Point

Taking a Bow at Lizard Point

I might put a few more up in the next day or two 🙂




Autumn at the Gardens

The Green Fayre at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea on 24th and 25th November is the next event for StillWalks. Last weekend’s Christmas gift fair at the Botanic Gardens went OK overall as long as I remember that it is about meeting people and getting StillWalks seen as it is about making direct sales.

Having said that, Saturday wasn’t a bad day for sales – Sunday was a better opportunity for taking some more photos of the gardens myself . . .

. . . here are a few – more are on Flickr and if anyone is interested in buying any prints, you can do so through the website by clicking on the Photobox Prints button or going direct to Photobox Gallery here.

NBGW Great Glasshouse

NBGW Great Glasshouse

Inside the Great Glasshouse, NBGW

Inside the Great Glasshouse, NBGW


The heating grill inside the Great Glasshouse, NBGW

Good Day at the Fair

When I arrived at corporate entrance to the National Botanic Garden of Wales today for the Christmas Gift Fair, I was met by Paxton’s Tower looming out of the mist across the valley. I got a quick pic and went on to set up the StillWalks stall.

The day went well, i.e. it didn’t rain, and subsequently there were visitors. I not only had a lot of interest but also made reasonable sales which is great as I had no high expectations.

I’m looking forward to the 2nd day tomorrow (Sunday) – anyone coming? 😉

Here is Paxton’s Tower and a few other photos I snapped during a quiet moment or two.

paxtons tower

paxtons tower




Careful placing of the stalls kept most of us gratefully warm on a bright but cold day.