Very Inspiring Blog Award


I received the Very Inspiring Blog Award almost two weeks ago but I have been so busy with setting up StillWalks project exhibitions, that I have not had enough time to think about this. The award was given to me by Hannah Duncan Creations. Hannah is my youngest daughter and she is partly to blame for my lack of time to deal with this.

Hannah is currently a Foundation Art student and we have been taking her all over the place for university interviews. All five have now been done and I am proud to say she was accepted to all them. Now she has to choose!

Rules for the Very Inspiring Blog Award are below. Thanks, Hannah for nominating me for this.


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

 About Me:

1. I was born in Scotland.

2. I grew up in Northern Ireland.

3. I trained in England.

4. I live in Wales.

5. I am an artist.

6. I originally trained in tapestry weaving (see Design Fibre ICT)

7. I have a wonderful wife and two amazing daughters.

8. I love walking.

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What’s the Colour like at Upper Lliw Reservoir?

Hmmm! That’s a good question – you can’t tell what the colour is like from these photos. They were processed in Lightroom on my old Windows PC laptop and the colour is totally different to my old Mac laptop which is dull in comparison to my iMac. But the iMac is on the blink 🙁  – it needs a new graphics card. I calibrate my screens with the Datacolor Spyder 3 but there is only so far you can go with a laptop.

One lesson learned a number of years ago means that I can, at least, still work with the files from the iMac because they were all backed up – phew! However, I’m worried that the laptop is on its last legs as well, as it is old now and has given me one or two hints that it is struggling with the extra work load.

Lower Lliw Reservoir

Lower Lliw Reservoir

Upper Lliw Reservoir

Upper Lliw Reservoir

Patterns and Perspective Down at the Station

Taking an aimless walk on a sunny Sunday last weekend, I ended up at our local station where the patterns, colours and perspective of the track prompted me to use my camera –  which I had casually taken along with me . . . just in case!


Gates and Railway


Gates and Railway


Gates and Railway

Railway Platform

Railway Platform

Railway Station

Railway Station

Railway Tunnel

Football in the Park

They say smell is one of the best memory triggers. Sound, I would say, is another.

Whilst walking through our local park on Saturday morning, the local school football team had a match on. I don’t know who they were playing but the scene took me back to my own early years when I too played football on the school team. My memory tells me I didn’t do much else for a while – either football or riding my bicycle. Happy memories 🙂

Football in the Park

The Answer!

Here is the answer to the question on yesterday’s post.

Skanda Vale

That’s right – an elephant! We were walking down a path towards Skanda Vale Hospice and Hindu Temple. They keep their elephant by the main temple on the hill and take it for 10 mile walks each day.

Sorry there is no photo of the elephant – maybe next time. However, for those who enjoy listening, here is a sound clip from the recce walk we did – the sound of birds above the Skanda Vale Temple, a beautiful peaceful place.


Or you can listen through SoundCloud

What is this?

Can anyone guess the answer? During a recce walk near Llanpumsaint in Carmarthenshire, Wales earlier this week, we came across some interesting and unexpected evidence of . . . something!

The answer will be posted tomorrow 🙂


This is the setting, the heart of Wales


This is the view


The evidence


More evidence

Ferris Wheels and Other Structures, York

Ferris wheels seem to pop up in every UK city on regular basis. The first one is in York but the second shot was taken on Boxing Day in Belfast a few years ago and the third in Swansea in 2012.

These are the last shots from my recce walk in York last February and the subject matter is not likely to feature in the final StillWalk video which I am working on now. First of all, the ferris wheel was not there in June when I did the production day, and secondly, it wasn’t on my walk route anyway – neither was the windmill, I just liked the structure.

The windmill is Holgate Windmill and it was strange and unexpected to see it suddenly appear through the trees and amongst the surrounding house roofs.

Ferris Wheel York

Ferris Wheel, York

City Walk Belfast

Ferris Wheel, Belfast

Ferris Wheel Swansea

Ferris Wheel Swansea

Holgate Windmill York

Holgate Windmill, York

Windmill, York

Windmill, York

Underside, York

I have featured the underside of bridges before (here) – this is Bishopsgate Bridge in York again. The patterns created by the structure of different bridges are fascinating and this one is totally different to those in that previous blog post.

Under Bishopsgate Bridge, York

Under Bishopsgate Bridge, York

Under Bishopsgate Bridge, York

Fascinating Patterns

Bishopsgate Bridge, York

Through Bishopsgate Bridge, York

Bishopsgate Bridge, York

Another step along the route of the planned StillWalk in York. This was in February 2012 – the production day was in June and nearly didn’t take place due to bad weather!Bishopsgate Bridge, YorkBishopsgate Bridge, YorkBishopsgate Bridge, YorkBishopsgate Bridge, York