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At last! Finally there is a Welcome to StillWalks video on this website. So if you would like to know a little more about StillWalks and see some production images, please click the link above and explore the site.

Other pages on the website such as the About page and What Are StillWalks will give you the Story of StillWalks as well as information on me with links to some of my other work as an artist.



Evening Light and the Song Thrush

I questioned the accuracy of my studio clock yesterday morning because it said it was 9.30 AM but it felt and looked more like 7.30 to judge by the lack of light.

Today, however, we have had light again 🙂 After so much darkness and rain it was a huge relief and good for the soul. I wasn’t the only one enjoying the evening light and this Song Thrush was out to prove it as well – recorded on the new RODE iPhone app (not on their new iPhone mic though, that will have to wait a little while).

Click below to hear the Song Thrush I recorded this evening.

Evening Sun

Evening Sun

Evening Clouds

Evening Clouds

Evening Sun on the River Loughor

Evening Sun on the River Loughor


Nature Taking Over

We are a week into 2013 now so a belated Happy New Year to all.

Whilst away over the New Year I took a few photos that I hope to use in the near future. They help to show that if we were not around anymore, it would not take long for nature to recover from our antics on this planet. Sometimes (in late Spring usually) I think I’d only have to blink and the bushes and trees would pounce – these images are, perhaps, preparation for that pounce!

Suburbanature 1

Suburbanature 1

Suburbanature 2

Suburbanature 2

Suburbanature 3

Suburbanature 3

Suburbanature 4

Suburbanature 4

Speaking of what we do as humans, some of what has been produced can be seen at MIMA, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, where I saw two great exhibitions –  Jannis Kounellis’ Work Unwrapped and Liliane Lijn: Cosmic Dramas – both well worth a visit if you are in the area.




Soggy Walks in Wales

I’m thinking of making this a new category!

I think all residents of Wales finally give up waiting (either for the first or the umpteenth time) and decide to kit up and get out in spite of the rain.

Today was, unbelievably, dry and even sunny at times – but we had other things to do than go for a walk. However, yesterday was wet and we needed to get out of the house. So off we went to Lower Lliw Reservoir and in spite of the rain, had a really nice walk. It even dried up slightly towards the end as proved by these photos from my iPhone again.






Quality Walks

Misty Walk is a new stillWalk which was actually produced at the end of last winter. There are several more StillWalks in the pipeline but it has proved difficult this last year to complete the post production on these. This is largely because of the project work I have been doing – see Projects.

I have uploaded two versions of the Misty Walk to the Winter Walks page. Both are high quality but one is in HD (720p) and the other is small scale at 480 x 270 pixels. (see also below).

StillWalks should be viewed, if possible in full screen mode and these videos will show the difference between the two versions. The HD button is in the top right of the first video and the full screen button is on the bottom right of each video.

It was supposed to be a dry, sunny day for this production but it turned out otherwise! This misty walk is on Ryer’s down on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales and was very enjoyable and atmospheric (small scale). Walk location

Soggy Walk on Xmas Eve

I took these photos with my iPhone on a wet walk on the marshes this afternoon and now I’m trying out publishing this post from it as well.

It stopped raining for 5 minutes so I thought I’d get out quick – but I still got rained on. Mind you, 90 minutes without rain was asking a lot.
Happy Christmas !























Two Tunes for Christmas

Such as it is the StillWalks website is back online albeit through WordPress. So check the blog menu for all that is StillWalks. There will be lots of further developments in the New Year.

In the meantime, here are a couple of Christmas tunes from our town band – i.e in the background along with the birds and the rain!

Or listen via SoundCloud below.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone.

StillWalks Website Issues

My apologies to everyone who has been trying to get to the StillWalks website. The problems caused by the site being hacked are proving to be more difficult to resolve than expected. We hope to have the site back online soon.

Please browse and follow this blog and you will be notified as soon as everything is fixed.

In the meantime I will be adding some features to the blog that will replicate some of those on the website and you can still visit the StillWalks Facebook page and view a wide collection of images on Flickr as well as purchasing photos at PhotoBox.

Anyone interested in buying StillWalks DVD Collections 1 or 2 or any individual StillWalks videos or vouchers should contact me by email at ad[at]stillwalks[dot]com

Some StillWalks videos and StillWalks Project videos can be seen on Vimeo.