About StillWalks

In a universe that is expanding at an ever increasing rate and a world where we are asked to fit more and more into less time, StillWalks provides a means of realising and releasing your full potential to deal with the world more effectively.

StillWalks is about developing your resilience at work and at home. It achieves this through tapping into resources that almost all of us possess - the senses of sight and hearing.


StillWalks videos are intended to prompt people to go out and walk . . .  or, if unable to do that, bring the outside in through a TV, computer, tablet or mobile screen. Developed as a unique resource to help manage pressure at work, StillWalks videos combine still photography and field recordings unique to the time and place of the walk and take place in all seasons in both natural and built environments.

Using StillWalks, it does not matter if there are no natural spaces near a specific work location. Using the videos and focusing the senses on the sights and sounds around when walking in an urban or inner-city environment can help achieve the same levels of internal and external self-awareness.

Experience shows that ongoing use of the StillWalks videos can help develop clear, creative minds, relieve tension, increase health and provide a greater sense of well-being. All these elements will lead towards increased efficiency in mind and body at work and at home.