Below are just two examples of the many projects that Alastair Duncan has carried out with schools and community groups over the years he has lived in South Wales.

Cwmcelyn Woodland – Valley of the Holly

cwmcelyn cdThis interactive CD ROM was researched and produced by the children of three schools with Alastair Duncan. It tells the story of a developing woodland and uses the children’s artwork, photography, sound recording, animation and video to present detailed information on the plants and wildlife of the woodland. There is a wealth of fascinating facts presented by the children through animation, poetry, games, interviews and much more. Find out about the forest floor, fungi and moss from the infants or the sounds, wildlife and history of the woodland from Year 6 as well as a wide range of trees and a 390 million year timeline from Year 5.

The Cwmcelyn Project was commissioned and funded by Cwmcelyn Residents Association in conjunction with Cydcoed and Forestry Commission Wales.

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Power People / Pobl y Pŵr

power peopleThis interactive CD ROM focuses on the Talybont Hydro Project but looks at many aspects of sustainable energy and efficient energy use that are relevant to everyone. The disk was made with the Guides and Brownies of Llangynydr and is bilingual. It tells the history of the original reservoir at Talybont-on-Usk as well as the development of the current community Hydro project.

Using graphic design, animation, photography, video, games and interviews, the Brownies and Guides worked with Alastair Duncan to produce a large format digital print and this interactive CD ROM for communities and schools.

Measure your carbon footprint, learn about what can go in the compost bin, investigate energy sources and renewable energy and much much more on this invaluable resource for the classroom or home.

The project was commissioned and funded by Talybont-on-Usk Energy with PAVO Spirit 2 funding.

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