Alastair Duncan – Founder and Director

Alastair Duncan

The creator and developer of StillWalks, Alastair has been working with photography throughout his working life and, since the 1990s, with the expanding area of interactive digital media. This has included animation, video and sound recording amongst others. These techniques have been at the heart of many of the projects Alastair has worked on with schools and communities in South Wales but it is the approach and experience he brings to his personal work as a visual artist that has made the projects unique.

Having originally trained in tapestry weaving Alastair’s creative work with StillWalks is informed by his interest in texture. The StillWalks video resource reveals this through his approach to both photography and sound recording as he looks and listens for the textures, patterns and colours that surround us in different environments.

Having won awards and gained numerous grants for his work in the arts and education, as well as exhibiting widely in Britain and internationally, in 2010 Alastair received a research and development grant to explore the concept of StillWalks followed by a setting up grant.

He now uses his depth of experience and understanding in the the arts to bring the benefits of the StillWalks resource to as wide an audience as possible.

Alastair is often asked where he comes from and will reply Britain – “I was born in Scotland, grew up in Northern Ireland, trained in England and have been living and working in Wales for over 30 years!”