StillWalks works with a range of experts when carrying out a “Sights and Sounds” project. These include writers, visual artists, wildlife and environmental consultants.

People who have worked on StillWalks projects include:

[spacerpanel id=”14″ headingtext=”Emily Hinshelwood – Writer”]Emily

Poet, playwright, tutor,desktop publisher and performer. Emily gives petry readings, runs workshops and events, co-manages a script cafe and runs and arts and environment programme.[spacer height=”10px”][/spacerpanel]

[spacerpanel id=”14″ headingtext=”Julie Brunskill – Ceramic / Visual Artist.”]

In her current work Julie is exploring the relationship between urban developments, the natural environment and climate change.[spacer height=”10px”][/spacerpanel]

[spacerpanel id=”14″ headingtext=”Susan Richardson – Writer”]Susan

Susan has had a lifelong passion for live performance, the spoken and written word, the natural world and wild places. In her work as poet, performer and educator, she aims to stimulate minds, stir the urge to create and inspire a similar passion in others.

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[spacerpanel id=”14″ headingtext=”Martin Humphreys – Wildlife Consultant and birdsong expert.”]

MartinMartin spent 28 years working for the RSPB as a nature reserve warden in South and Mid Wales. He is now a freelance wildlife consultant, surveyor, naturalist and wildlife garden contractor.

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