[spacerpanel id="11"]The Benefits of StillWalks Membership[/spacerpanel]

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Jane-43-150x150I feel as if I have discovered a new world of delight in my walksWhen I watched the Woodland Walk, I found myself beginning to relax and calm down. It was like I was transported to another world." Jane[spacer height="0px"][/spacerpanel]

[spacerpanel id="13" headingtext="Relax with StillWalks"]leigh-francis“They were very relaxing and stimulating. I found that I noticed different things every time.” Leigh[spacer height="0px"][/spacerpanel]

[spacerpanel id="13" headingtext="Enjoy life more with StillWalks"]
Allysse RiordanThey make me happy! Allysse[spacer height="15px"][/spacerpanel]

[spacerpanel id="12" headingtext="Bringing the Outside In"]"We love the quiet peaceful atmosphere of the soundtrack with the birdsong and waterfalls. It's just like being there ourselves." Hugh and Anne[/spacerpanel]

[spacerpanel id="15"]“Committing to the programme made me go out more than I might otherwise have done. I return to work and bring with me the effect of being outside in this way. I’m sure then everyone around me benefits!” - Jane[/spacerpanel]

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Free gift - DVD and digital image. ✔︎

Free monthly video as part of The Reflective Pool. ✔︎

The Reflective Pool session by session and in more detail - include video guide / PPT ✔︎

Monthly podcast (?) or Vlog cast? ✔︎

Production short walks (monthly? Bi-monthly?) ✔︎

Bespoke walks for groups or individuals (on request?) ✔︎

Community - how might this work - online group/individual chat sessions, e.g. Skype conference? ✔︎

Discount on photography. ✔︎

T-shirts ✔︎


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What is the value of these items individually and overall?

Should the benefits become available over time or at different membership levels -

e.g. “these are the benefits you will receive over the first 12 (or 6) months”. After that you will achieve “StillWalks Perceptionist" status, receive a valuable reward and have the option to submit your own StillWalks videos to a StillWalks community platform.

Primary benefit of membership - what you get as a result of following continuing StillWalks membership - personal gains: