• There are certainly plenty of herons in this part of the world so I suppose in theory the one you saw could be a distant cousin of the one in Scotland. I’ll have to look up their migration habits but is suspect those in Scotland don’t wander down to Wales.

  1. Alastair, he/she has long legs like “Stalks” and a neck like a long “Stalk” {{{giggle}}} and the media has hinted “Stalkers are on the increase”. I think if you’re going to be followed all the way to Scotland, a heron is a good and pleasant being to take on the task.
    As for humans that do it, poor creatures/idiots that are wasting their lives and the attention of their obsession.
    Better to be obsessed with kindness, wonder at nature, being useful and perhaps upcycling all the things laying around waiting for someone to see its potential.

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