Teasers 5 – A Network of Fibres

This is the final image from this short series and just about my favourite. This may be because of the weaving part of my life (see www. acmd.co.uk) and my enthusiasm for texture and fibre.

The image seems to loose some of its depth and become more a network of fibres on a more two dimensional plain, albeit with heavy texture. I’m not sure that the fact there is snow involved makes any difference either – the “fibres” would still be there without it, perhaps less defined by lower contrast.

I wrote “tangled fibres” originally but changed it to “network of fibres” because I realised that they are not tangled but have structure and direction, all feeding into the centre of the frame. I cannot say, now,  if this was coincidental or intentional – I suspect subconsciously intentional with my artist/weaver’s eye searching out the structures and patterns before taking the shot.

A Network of Fibres

A Network of Fibres

Teasers 4 – Fences

The return route I took – the fences, whether wooden or metal, are trying to emulate the trees’ crooked branches!

Lliw Lower reservoir footpath

Lliw Lower Reservoir footpath

Teaser Image 3

The light was going by the time I took this shot – the days seem so short at this time of year.

Hanging Around

Hanging Around

See previous posts this week for more from this short series. – just click the post title or the blog link below.



This week I have some sample shots to show from my production day at Lliw Valley Lower Reservoir. A new StillWalk will eventually be published and I look forward to giving you the sound as well as the images.

I really enjoyed doing the work but was thoroughly exhausted by the end.

Number 1

Freezing Again

Freezing Again

The Influence of Rocks on Water

Potential StillWalk – the other day I took a walk down a footpath I hadn’t been to for a number of years, pre-StillWalks times. Looking with “new” eyes and listening with “new” ears was fascinating.

The sound of water – There can sometimes be a recording issue with the sounds of an environment that includes running water, i.e. a stream or river. The sounds of the flowing water can so easily drown out other sounds of the environment such as birds, and can become wearing if it is permanent.

However, the small Camffrwd River that the footpath follows did not present this problem. The sounds of the river ebbed and flowed in volume with the arrangement of rocks on its bed. The photos below are accompanied by some sound clips recorded on my iPhone, as were the photos.

IMG_3881 IMG_3885

Recording 2 stream A short clip of the general sounds of the river.

IMG_3887 IMG_3891 IMG_3893 IMG_3895 IMG_3898

Recording 4 birds ftstps stream The birds make their presence obvious as the sound of water is less dominant and the flow sounds change as I walk along the path.

IMG_3904 IMG_3908

Recording 5 walking stream This is a longer clip (2:15) which demonstrates very well the changing sound environment as I move along the path and river.

IMG_3910 IMG_3912 IMG_3914

Recording 6 stream tumbling water

Unique sounds – All the sound clips and photos prove the need, in producing a StillWalk, to carry out the sound recording at the same time as the photography. The sounds on any day, at any time of day, at any time of year, will always be specific to conditions at the time . . . makes me think of the chaos theory and the interconnectedness of things! Chaos by James Gleick is a fascinating and very accessible book on this subject.

Welcome Video

At last! Finally there is a Welcome to StillWalks video on this website. So if you would like to know a little more about StillWalks and see some production images, please click the link above and explore the site.

Other pages on the website such as the About page and What Are StillWalks will give you the Story of StillWalks as well as information on me with links to some of my other work as an artist.



Soggy Walks in Wales

I’m thinking of making this a new category!

I think all residents of Wales finally give up waiting (either for the first or the umpteenth time) and decide to kit up and get out in spite of the rain.

Today was, unbelievably, dry and even sunny at times – but we had other things to do than go for a walk. However, yesterday was wet and we needed to get out of the house. So off we went to Lower Lliw Reservoir and in spite of the rain, had a really nice walk. It even dried up slightly towards the end as proved by these photos from my iPhone again.






Quality Walks

Misty Walk is a new stillWalk which was actually produced at the end of last winter. There are several more StillWalks in the pipeline but it has proved difficult this last year to complete the post production on these. This is largely because of the project work I have been doing – see Projects.

I have uploaded two versions of the Misty Walk to the Winter Walks page. Both are high quality but one is in HD (720p) and the other is small scale at 480 x 270 pixels. (see also below).

StillWalks should be viewed, if possible in full screen mode and these videos will show the difference between the two versions. The HD button is in the top right of the first video and the full screen button is on the bottom right of each video.

It was supposed to be a dry, sunny day for this production but it turned out otherwise! This misty walk is on Ryer’s down on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales and was very enjoyable and atmospheric (small scale). Walk location