Mesmerising Water Wheel Patterns

Last Wednesday evening we went to Aberdulais Falls for the Green Routines exhibition opening which was about cutting carbon emissions.

Whilst there I took a couple of new photos and video clips on my iPhone which reveal some of the fascinating patterns of the drips thrown up by the waterwheel – they were mesmerising! Click to play the video below.

Waterwheel Drips Waterwheel Drips Waterwheel Drips

Valleys Regional Park – Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

This week I spent two days at the Valleys Regional Park Community Tourism Conference. Included in the conference were a choice trips to various tourist sites in the South Wales valleys.

Aberdulais Falls I have passed this so many times over the years but not, until now, actually visited. It’s a fascinating place but if you would like to see the falls, you’ll have to come back tomorrow! The first thing I looked at was this iron staircase set against the rocks. I guess it is my interest in metal that led me from this to the water wheel and my interest in field recording that prompted me to record the changing sound of the water as it was channelled to the wheel with the falls in the background.

IMG_7524 Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel