garden focus

My Walk this Week 172 – Wandering Round the Garden

My walk this week took me wandering round the garden on a bright August day.  I was sitting watching the birds flutter and fight over the feeder outside my studio where I was weaving and thinking about the similar aural textures of my activity and that of the birds.

sparrows fluttering

If you listen to the soundscape below you may understand what I mean, but it could just be my imagination. Being able to get out, or at least look at, the natural environments around me is essential to my wellbeing.Continue reading

Cat in the Garden

This may be a very pretty cat, but remembering the dead baby blackbird I found in the garden a few days ago,  is he the culprit? Either way, he was enjoying the sun until he spotted me!



Cats whiskers

Life in the Garden

Someone was pleased to see us return from our Easter break! Misha spent two weeks in the cattery and was subsequently delighted to see us return so that she could enjoy the Spring outdoors instead of in confinement.

cat in garden