Phone Photography Close-Up

Still working with the iPhone without any add-on gadgets (see previous posts). Without a clip on macro lens for the iPhone camera, there is a limit, as with any lens, as to how close you can get to a subject before the subject blurs. Whilst you can get pretty close with the phone camera, with a subject like this, it can be difficult to tell what is going to be within the depth of field and what is not.

This first shot is the best I could do with the phone and yes, there have been adjustments made in adobe Lightroom. The second shot is a close crop of the third image shown here. The heavy cropping was necessary because I didn’t get the camera focused on the right area of the subject. The third shot is unedited in any way.

The last shot is of the same plant in another location earlier in the year at 6.00AM but the photo was taken on my DSLR camera with my zoom lens . . . say no more!

Fforest Forest Close-up 1

Fforest Forest Close-up 2

Fforest Forest Close-up 3Troserch DSLR Close-up

Identifying the Monster

I found this beast in the studio the other morning and immediately got my camera out. Not knowing what it was, I posted it on Facebook and was subsequently pointed to iSpot where it was identified as a horse fly!

You have to click on the images to zoom in and fully appreciate the sunglasses. It was about 2 – 2.5 cms in length and had a low, loud buzz like a large bumble bee. I had always thought of horse flies as vicious little expletives, not monsters like this appeared to be. It may just have been a matter of seeing it in detail and out of context, i.e. in my studio and not in the field (where it should have been).

what-is-this 1

what-is-this 2

Blind Textures – taking a closer look

This is like one of those “guess the object” games you used to see on TV where they would gradually zoom out from a close up shot of a familiar object.

Whilst the post title (and the previous post) is perhaps a give away, if you were looking at these shots out of context, they might have had you guessing. I deliberately left the section on the right of the first shot as a clear clue for anyone who thinks it is not immediately obvious what the the image shows.

The last shot is in a higher resolution so that you can get a good close look at the pattern of texture in the fabric. Click on the image to enlarge.

Blind stripes Blind stripe
Blind Texture