Ghostly Mist and Trees

Looking over my local South Wales landscape during my morning walk to the woods, the dawn light gradually brightens and the mist lying along the river Loughor gives the trees a ghostly appearance.

pre-dawn mist

Dawn Walk

During the nice weather at the end of September I made a point of going for a morning walk slightly earlier than usual in order to catch the rising sun. The sky was just beginning to lighten when I arrived at my viewing point and the atmosphere with the clouds and mist  lying along the valley floor and amongst the trees was almost eerie.

Looking north up the river Loughor valley the distant Betws wind farm could be seen through a gap in the clouds while looking east across the valley the sun is clearly on its way as proven by the vapour trail glinting in the lightening sky.

You will also be able to see the second photo in monotone on Wednesday at Leanne Cole’s Photography blog post – Monochrome Madness 2-28

First Light

pre dawn light and fog

vapour trail

Dark Water

The very last of the evening light reflects off the dark water of Lower Lliw Reservoir near Swansea.

The reservoir has some sort of filtration system which intermittently creates disturbances in the water surface. Seeing this in the late evening light was quite eerie, as though there was some deep water monster coming up for air!

dark water

Eerie Creatures on the Marshes

Sunshine and rain– We’ve been away to foreign parts recently – well, France! More importantly, we managed to avoid much of the torrential rain in Britain during that period. Unbelievably, we arrived home to Britain and Wales to dry, sunny, hot weather – amazing 🙂 Here’s a lovely sunset from the other night to prove it.

Sunset Over the Marshes

Sunset Over the Marshes

Eerie Sounds – There were some strange sounds coming from the marshes and so I went to investigate . . .

All will be revealed – no cudding 😉



Maybe I was the monster