Lakeside Views and Workday Walking

This urban lake is situated in Swansea’s Enterprize Park at Llansamlet and I have been meaning to take a StillWalks recce walk around it for a long time. I had a meeting to go to at the Mercure Hotel which is very close by and so I took the opportunity of going early and taking my camera with me.

The people working in the area are very lucky to have such a lovely spot to relax during a break and take a little exercise – I wonder how many of take advantage of it?

Footsteps on the Boardwalk

This week’s featured StillWalks video is “Winter Lakeside Walk”. It shows Llyn Llech Owain Country Park in Carmarthenshire, SW Wales. The video was produced last Winter. This year we have not had any cold weather (yet) and so I have not been able to enjoy the sound of my footsteps on the creaking boardwalk as it shifts on its struts in the frozen water in the marshes around the lake . . . but you can hear those sounds in this video.

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Autumn Lakeside

Some advance images from next week’s featured StillWalks video – “Autumn Lakeside Walk” from Gnoll Park, Neath, South Wales.

This is the last day for this week’s featured video “Quarry Walk – Autumn Rain”. You can see this at the bottom of this post.

Gnoll Park Lake 1

Gnoll Park Lake 2

Gnoll Park Lake 3

Gnoll Park Lake 6

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Lakeside Flowers

Walks can be any length in a StillWalks video – the videos are each approximately 6 – 7 minutes long. Whether long or short, there is so much to see and hear out there that, wherever the location, it is always an exercise in discipline and decision making to select those that should be used.

The images in a StillWalks have different roles to play within the sequence but a part of the job is simply to stand still, look and listen to the beautiful or fascinating things around me. This is always most pleasant when on the pre-production recce walk when I am not carting around all the kit.

These are the penultimate images from the Lakeside Walk at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Click on them to enlarge and they are available for sale through the StillWalks PhotoShelter site.

Lakeside Cow Parsley Lakeside Lakeside Irises

Lillies on the Pond

Moving further along on the Lakeside Walk at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

This walk was a sunny one but we have been there in all weathers and enjoyed the gardens and the biggest single span glasshouse in the world.

It is very attractive to photographers, amateur and professional alike, and whilst there must have been thousands of photographs taken of the plants and other aspects of the gardens, when you take your own they are yours; and if you are anything like me, you will take photos of the same things again and again and never get tired of it 🙂

Click the images to enlarge. They are available for sale here Photo Sales.

Lillies Hostas Lillies

Lakeside Walk

Over the next week I am mostly going to be looking at the National Botanic Garden of Wales or to be more precise, the StillWalks I have produced there.

This is the first of a selection of nine images from the Lakeside Walk and is available through Photo Sales.

If you are not living in Wales, then this would be one amongst many reasons to visit. If you do live in Wales and have not yet visited the gardens, then it’s about time you did 😉

Lakeside Walk

Boardwalk – Sounds from Llyn Llech Owain

The sounds in my StillWalks are at least as important as the images. I particularly like the creaking movement of the raised boardwalk in “Winter Lakeside Walk”.

Here is a short clip (1 min) from the sound files for this walk plus the spectral display image and the boardwalk itself.

I will include the video itself in the blog at the end of the week but you can see it on the Winter Walks page of the website now if you would like to. If your internet connection is not very fast, you may have to wait for the video to buffer in order for it not to stutter – or you could always buy the download. See the Sales page for prices and instructions.

boardwalk spectral display

boardwalk sound clip spectral display



Llyn Llech Owain

Llyn Llech Owain