Carmarthenshire Countryside

On my way home from a new StillWalks production location in Carmarthenshire last week, I had to stop a couple of times to let other vehicles pass on a narrow single track road.

Despite having already spent the day taking photos and  field recording near Llanpumsaint, I took the opportunity to get one or two more shots of this beautiful part of Wales.

Country Road Carmarthenshire Cowbane Carmarthenshire Campion Carmarthenshire Campion Carmarthenshire Carmarthenshire Countryside Carmarthenshire Countryside Carmarthenshire Countryside

What is this?

Can anyone guess the answer? During a recce walk near Llanpumsaint in Carmarthenshire, Wales earlier this week, we came across some interesting and unexpected evidence of . . . something!

The answer will be posted tomorrow 🙂


This is the setting, the heart of Wales


This is the view


The evidence


More evidence