Stepping Down for an Overflow Drink

Walking along the southern end of Roath Park lake on my walk this week, I wonder if there is a particular attraction to this duck of the water falling down the lake’s overflow. Does it taste better than that in the lake itself? Perhaps it has a need for extra oxygen – who knows? It’s probably just a whim.

taking a drink


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Filtered Out – Not Overflowing

Images that didn’t make it into the Autumn Reservoir Walk I recently produced. It wasn’t that I was un happy with the composition or quality of the images – they were just not essential in describing the walk around the reservoir.

reservoir overflow

reservoir overflow

Swiss Valley, Llanelli

Why the area is called Swiss Valley, I do not know! It is clearly not in Switzerland but a beautiful area in South West Wales. The photos were taken on my iPhone – I love the snaking shape of the reservoir overflow but that particular image needed some work on it.

Swiss Valley

Swiss Valley Reservoir

Swiss Valley Reservoir