Less is More

I’m back, but with fewer photos and fewer posts – that is my intention anyway!

About a year ago I started posting more frequently because I like doing it and I wanted to show what was going on with StillWalks other than what was being done for video production. I also wanted to present sets or series of photos because that is the way the StillWalks videos work.

However, for the time being, I will be posting fewer images and less often. Different images and sound clips may also be spread across other social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and SoundCloud.

I will also continue to feature individual StillWalks videos from time to time. The current featured video will be the last for Autumn this year and can be seen at the end of this post. Just click the image to play the video.

Frosty Autumn Garden

One of the first frosts in our garden

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Walking Through the Gates

A recce walk through recently discovered woodland revealed a number of elements that can be very useful in the production of a StillWalk.

Gates, both the images and the sounds can, in the sequence of a StillWalk, provide a visual and aural way marker and in doing so, give a sense of progression. If the gates are of different design or in different states of repair, this too can be recognised as a way marker if the walk is circular, sending a message to the viewer that they are on the return journey.

There were several gates along the River Morlais leading into Troserch Woods. All were either of different design, at different angles, more or less rusted . . .

The sounds of the gates are also unique, though this is as much because of the surrounding conditions as the type of gate – here is an example from StillWalks on SoundCloud.