My Walk this Week 182 – Ancient Graveyard

My walk this week visits an ancient graveyard in Scotland. Initially I went to see my grandparents and aunt and uncle’s graves, pay my respects and enjoy the rural location.

ancient graveyard entrance

The graveyard they occupy is not so ancient but the original church and graveyard are less than a minute walk up the country road and it is the most fascinating place!

The minister there, back in the day, was clearly a notable person if the inscription attached above the church entrance is to understood:Continue reading

The Audience and the Districts

These graves look like they have an excellent view of the event – whatever that may be! They make me think of a concert in the park where everyone brings a picnic and enjoys the event from deck chairs. In Britain they would have brought umbrellas as well 🙂

Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff has many aspects to it.

Cathays Cemetery

The Audience

Cathays Cemetery

Some hide away

Some prefer to be more private and hide away amongst the greenery.

This cemetery has it all, even a “downtown” area with sky scrapers!

Cathays Cemetery

Downtown at the cemetery

Tomb of the Bishop – Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff

Bishop John Cuthbert Hedley was quite a guy if you judge by the stature of his tomb in Cathays Cemetery. I wonder if he would get such a piece of architecture these days? (see Monday’s post, “When was the last time . . . “)


The Tomb of the Bishop John Cuthbert Hedley


The Tomb of the Bishop

When was the last time . . .

. . . you saw tombstones on this scale made in recent years?

I am going to be looking around Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff this week. By that I mean I had a walk around the cemetery on Saturday (in the bitter cold!) and one of the the first things that struck me was the scale of these angels and some of the other tombstones from the past. Ahh! They don’t make them like that any more. 🙂

All photos taken on my iPhone.






Less Angelic, more imperial