Green On Green

Sometimes in Wales, there is just so much green! It’s amazing ūüôā

green on green


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Ruins in the Woods

The ruined¬†stone wall hidden in amongst the trees of Cwm Nash Woods was a surprise find – ¬†for me at least. The wall belongs to an old mill beside the Ffynnon Marl river. The StillWalks production walk I did with Dr Cathy Treadaway as part of the “Walk and Draw for Health and Wellbeing” research project, was done without a recce walk beforehand.

I had been asked to go along with a completely fresh eye (and ear). I don’t normally do this because there are distinct production advantages to checking out the lie of the land beforehand. However, whether the walk is done as a recce or as a production, new surroundings are always exciting to explore and Cwm Nash absolutely “came up to the mark” for me as a new discovery.

Old Mill in Cwm Nash

Cwm Nash Woodland

Ffynnon Marl river




Allowing Time

Following¬†my re-focusing photos in yesterday’s¬†post, I would say that time is also needed to see different view points and understand a¬†given situation.¬†

In slowing the shutter speed and giving time for the¬†water to flow past, the bike¬†becomes¬†clearer – and all because a little more time was given. I try, these days, not to get into a panic if there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything – there¬†is only so much you can do.

Bike in Water

Bike in Water

What’s the point . . . of focus?

Some of my recent work has taken me to the town of Brecon in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. The photos below, which I took one sunny day after school, remind me of the need not only to stay focused on the task at hand, but also to adjust that focus to ensure that I can see and understand more of what I am doing and what is going on around me.

River Honddu

River Honddu

Lakeside Views and Workday Walking

This urban lake is situated in Swansea’s Enterprize Park at Llansamlet and I have been meaning to take a StillWalks recce walk around it for a long time. I had a meeting to go to at the Mercure Hotel which is¬†very close by and so¬†I¬†took the opportunity of going early and taking my camera with me.

The people working in the area are very lucky to have such a lovely spot to relax during a break and take a little exercise – I wonder how many of take advantage of it?

Last of the Early Morning Dew

I didn’t sit down once I reach the top of Knockbrex Hill on the early morning walk! The photos I have posted all week are all from this walk in Galloway, SW Scotland and looking through the images has provided me with some very attractive¬†memories.

Early morning water droplets

Early morning water droplets

Early morning water droplets

Early morning water droplets

New Spring StillWalks Videos

This week’s¬†featured StillWalks video is a sample of one from a new¬†set of videos I have produced featuring Lower Lliw Reservoir.

The full set of four walks (one for each season) will be available soon on DVD and this will include an introductory video. The HD videos will be available to purchase online at a later date.

The walk round the lower reservoir is beautiful at all times of the year and I hope that you will enjoy this short sample. When the DVD is published in a few weeks, it will be available through the cafe at Lliw Reservoir and also via the StillWalks website.