Helen Jones

I absolutely love viewing the photos and watching the short videos of StillWalks on my iPhone. They capture the fascinating beauty of nature and what  impresses me most is the unbelievable beauty of some gloomy and rainy days that we often think are not beautiful at all.  The pictures and videos are of a so high quality that they just magnetise you. Sounds of nature are so realistic that you start believing you really hear them. StillWalks is a ‘must have’ calming, relaxing and enjoyable resource I would recommend everyone to have. Thank you, Alastair, for “bringing the outside in” for people like me who cannot always easily go outside to see all these amazing images of nature.


Pam W

“I appreciated the concept of the sounds complementing the visual aspects. The sound of the ebbing tide accompanied by the picture of its ripple effect on the sand was particularly effective – as was the crunching footfall and evocative snow pictures. The footsteps provided a continuity throughout and of course tied in with the title and its theme.”

Pam W

Betty Rae Watkins

“Brilliant!” “The very best schools project ever!”

Betty Rae Watkins, Josef Herman Art Foundation Cymru. 05/09/2012

Anne Anderson

3″We have just had a gorgeous ‘visit’ to your house and garden! What a great idea and what a stunning place. We really feel as if we have been to see you and your garden is a delight. Of course we would love to be able to travel to France (or anywhere!) but as we can’t this is certainly the next best thing. We also did the “Coastal Walk” in Spring and will do more soon.”

Anne 08/04/13


“Thanks so much for your French Evening Walk, I was having a very anxious time with my wife suddenly ill and this was real respite, just lifted me out of my situation and gave some precious time in fresh air to nourish spirit and hope.” 

Joseph  21/11/13

Phil Morgan

“Thanks for sending me the link to the StillWalks website, I watched the Llys video and it was, frankly, emotional. To hear the kids narration with sounds you sometimes forget to listen too, and to see some of the work we have done over the last couple of years being part of the experience they had, as well as being part of the landscape, was a pleasure.” 

Phil Morgan. 17/01/2013