Active / Inactive weekend

Active? Inactive? Which was it? Actually I had a very active weekend but still found time for a walk at the Botanic Garden of Wales and got to see some great moss and fungi which I shared with the Moss Appreciation Society on Facebook. Gonna have to update my iPhone if I’m going to take photos with it!

soft moss

Soft Moss

moss & fungi

Moss & Fungi Friends

fungi city

Fungi City in the country of Moss

Saturday morning had a bit of a spectator sport going on – the spectators and the competitors were starlings. Check this out –

and this

And then on Sunday morning we had some peace . . .

Daily posts!? – Joke!

Daily posts? that was obviously a joke on my part. Tweets maybe, I’ll do my best at @stillwalks on Twitter if you want to follow me. In the meantime, here is a sound I haven’t heard for a long time – until last week that is . . .

dancing feet

Dancing Feet

My daughter went back to her old dancing class to do a photo shoot for college – I think she wants to get back to dancing again now. I miss it too – watching that is! You can view her blog at A Moment and a Lifetime

Daily Sights and Sounds

Well, maybe not daily, but I hope to put up interesting sound clips from everyday life along with an image or two. Here are a couple that I have recently put up on SoundCloud and Twitter (@stillwalks ) – why not follow me on these as well.

Rainy Day

Typical Autumn day in Wales

Early Autumn Morning

Early Autumn Morning

Early Autumn Morning 2

Early Autumn Morning 2

Early Autumn Morning 3

Early Autumn Morning 3


It’s a while since I lasted posted anything, I know – please be patient with me, I am still getting up to par with all this. Anyway, things are moving, as have I – i.e. travelling. This latest sound clip (see below) is from a recent journey to London for a British Tapestry Group meeting. All did not go well! The meeting was OK – Hillu Liebelt gave a fascinating talk about her work. Getting there was not so easy!

I arrived in London to discover that half the tube lines and stations were not in use. No problem getting to Tate Modern – lovely walk along the Embankment and the Tate is an experience on its own (watch out for the StillWalk). Afterwards I crossed the Millemium Bridge ‘cos I wanted to, and then headed for the tube . . . 1st station closed . . . and the 2nd . . . and the 3rd . . . finally London Bridge was open but I couldn’t figure out which lines/stations were open to allow me to get to Richmond. Knackered by this time, I waited in the ticket queue for assistance and finally took a roundabout route out to the BTG meeting, arriving late and exhausted.

To end on a brighter side – the weather was beautiful and I enjoyed the train journey up to London – got some work done, emailed some friends and recorded this great clip of travelling under the Severn Estuary.

Tesco Rooks

It’s been a while since I blogged but I am gradually getting there! More to come in the next week or two. In the meantime here is a little snippet of sound I enjoyed recently.

Every year about this time we get a huge flock of rooks stopping off at our local Tesco’s car park. The sight and sound is amazing – here is the sound at least!

Tesco Rooks

Impromptu StillWalk

This short walk was made in to parts on the spur of the moment with my old iPhone 3!

StillWalks – iPhone Walk 1

StillWalks – iPhone Walk 2

The blurred movement in the images reflects something of the feeling I had whilst out on an evening walk and finding myself in need of something to eat due to a low blood sugar level. As a diabetic of many years, I am familiar with the symptoms and using my phone in this way this seemed like a good idea to show something of the effect a low blood sugar can have –  a bit like being drunk and having the munchies at the same time. Symptoms can vary quite a lot for individual diabetics and I am lucky always to have been able to recognize the onset of a “hypo” (hypoglaecemic reation).

Churchyard re-visit

I was down the old churchyard on the marshes again the other night (see the Old Churchyard Walk) and took these pics on my phone. Watch out on this blog for the impromptu StillWalk from the same evening also using photos taken on my (old) iPhone.

If you like the mossy pics, why not join the Moss Appreciation Society on Facebook

Sound Clips

Incidental sound clips – I am fascinated in the sounds around us in all sorts of situations. I have a particular interest in the sounds of metal. Anyway, I recently found these waterwheels in action and, having been working with StillWalks for a while now with the result that my sense of the sounds around me has developed further than before, I found myself absorbed by the rhythm and mixed frequencies of the wheels turning and the water flowing.

The smaller wheel runs faster and the rhythm is quite distinct – the larger one is slower and the base beat of the water on the wheel much less so. Like watching waves on the seashore, I could have stood and listened all afternoon, mesmerised by the sound.

Small Waterwheel


Small Waterwheel 1


Small Waterwheel 2


Small Waterwheel 3

Big Waterwheel


Big Waterwheel 1


Big Waterwheel 2


Big Waterwheel 3