Monochrome Steps

I like the hi-vis colour of the staircases in the industrial area of Cardiff but this first shot cried out for the monochrome treatment. Another of these can be seen on the Monochrome Madness 39 blog post of Leanne Cole Photography

industrial steps

yellow staircase

It's Not Rocket Science

It is not a rocket but I assume this huge structure is some kind of furnace. I confess I am more interested in its appearance than its function but I will try to find out – unless anybody out there can tell me and save me the trouble!

metal rocket form

metal patterns

Cardiff Industry

Elevated Industry

Most people would agree that there is not much beauty in an industrial landscape but regardless of that, I find myself fascinated by some of the structures, shapes, forms, textures and colours to be found there.

This elevated pipeline is one I have been intrigued by for many years as I have passed by in the car. I had the opportunity recently to stop and take photos of it and some of the other industrial buildings connected to it.

Rusty elevated pipe

A Rusty elevated pipe

Reviewing the Week 2

The last of my images for this week is a final view of Penarth Pier against the rising sun on a grey day. Also featured is a slideshow of the images I have posted through the week. I would also like to connect to another blog this week – that of Lightscapes Nature Photography. I get frustrated when I see overworked photography with that slickly unreal appearance and no texture – it seems to be used a lot commercially. However, that is not the case with Kerry Mark Leibowitz’s photography of landscapes and on top of that, there is good reading and advice to had as well.

Penarth Pier against the morning sun

Higgledy Piggledy Patterns

Here is that concertina effect again in the structure and pattern of stanchions underneath Penarth Pier (see Monday’s post). The pattern of uprights is in contrast to the seemingly higgledy piggledy pattern of the cross bars and linkages of the rest of the structure.

Penarth Pier structure

Penarth Pier structure

Underneath the Pier

Exploring underneath Penarth Pier at high tide is not necessarily a good idea. Capturing these alternative views of the pier structure meant I had to leap out of the way of the water at the last moment. As has happened on other occasions, when taking photographs, I forgot about the time I was taking.

Underneath the pier

Underneath the pier

Concertina Effect

As Penarth Pier stretches out into the sea the structure of stanchions that hold it up have an interesting concertina effect towards the end. I can’t be sure but I like to think (for some weird reason), that this is partly the result of perspective and not just the fact that there are more stanchions closer together where the end of the pier widens to a viewing (and fishing) platform.

Penarth Pier

Fountain in the Old Docks

Cardiff Bay as it is now, is so different to what it was when we first moved to Wales in 1983. It was later in the ’80s that the development began – I wish I had taken photographs back then. There are plenty images to be seen in the galleries (past and present) on the bay website along with the history of the development, but they are not mine and I cannot compare them to the photos I take of the place nowadays.

The fountain in the image below is set into one of the old dock walls.