Blog Update

It was 3 AM this morning when I realised I had forgotten to update the StillWalks Blog menu following the launch of the new (now current) StillWalks website. Apologies to anyone who may have been confused by this.

The menu items at the top of this blog are now up to date. If you haven’t yet visited the StillWalks website, please do and I hope you enjoy all that is there. Much more will be coming in the future and here is a tip for enjoying the virtual walks found on the site – click the Full Screen button in the corner of each video – it looks like this.

full screen button image

Ellen’s Blog – Ellen, author of “A Jaguar Tale“, now has a blog of her own on Tumblr – you can find it here¬†

. . . and here’s that Jag again!

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ

Further Delays :(

Blast and double blast ūüôĀ Tomorrow’s launch for StillWalks is delayed at least until ¬†Monday :-(( Grrrrrrrr

We’ll get there yet.

Almost There

Just about ready to go with the new website – hope people visit it, like it, use it, follow it. Last few tweaks to do and then further developments will take place over the next year . . . watch this space ūüôā


Hmmm, it seems the SoundCloud files on the blog don’t show up in email notifications. If you want to see / listen to the sound files, you will need to visit the blog itself. You can do this by clicking on the blog title in the email or maybe I just need to remember to put in this link!

Sound Clips

Incidental sound clips – I am fascinated in the sounds around us in all sorts of situations. I have a particular interest in the sounds of metal. Anyway, I recently found these waterwheels in action and, having been working with StillWalks for a while now with the result that my sense of the sounds around me has developed further than before, I found myself absorbed by the rhythm and mixed frequencies of the wheels turning and the water flowing.

The smaller wheel runs faster and the rhythm is quite distinct – the larger one is slower and the base beat of the water on the wheel much less so. Like watching waves on the seashore, I could have stood and listened all afternoon, mesmerised by the sound.

Small Waterwheel


Small Waterwheel 1


Small Waterwheel 2


Small Waterwheel 3

Big Waterwheel


Big Waterwheel 1


Big Waterwheel 2


Big Waterwheel 3

Other Uses

I said when I started out originally with this blog that it would be about the other side of StillWalks – pretty much anything that is linked to them, sometimes quite distantly. This entry provides another look at how I use the walking element of the idea for StillWalks . . . hmmm! that all sounds a bit garbled. Maybe I should let the video speak for itself.

This StillWalk Intervention (called “Lakeside Intervention”) is about the difficulties of trying to deal with stress and depression – I don’t think it’s finished yet, so it is only available on a small scale for the moment. Click here to see it on Youtube ¬†