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Incidental sound clips – I am fascinated in the sounds around us in all sorts of situations. I have a particular interest in the sounds of metal. Anyway, I recently found these waterwheels in action and, having been working with StillWalks for a while now with the result that my sense of the sounds around me has developed further than before, I found myself absorbed by the rhythm and mixed frequencies of the wheels turning and the water flowing.

The smaller wheel runs faster and the rhythm is quite distinct – the larger one is slower and the base beat of the water on the wheel much less so. Like watching waves on the seashore, I could have stood and listened all afternoon, mesmerised by the sound.

Small Waterwheel


Small Waterwheel 1


Small Waterwheel 2


Small Waterwheel 3

Big Waterwheel


Big Waterwheel 1


Big Waterwheel 2


Big Waterwheel 3

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