The Old and the New

I discovered these three vehicles recently. Having taken a couple of shots on my iPhone of the old VW Beetle and camper van, when I saw the flashy one with the wheels a couple of days later, I had to stop and take a quick shot, again on my phone.

Ok, not it’s so much new as refreshed – but still a noticeable difference to the old one.

Old VW Beetle Old VW Camper van New Old VW Camper van

Abertawe Walk

A few weeks ago I started writing a short blog style article for the online version of our local newspaper, the South Wales Evening Post. The articles are about some of the walks I take in the Swansea area and many of them are a little off the beaten track.

My contribution to the paper today (read here) features the River Tawe at Ynystawe but here, on this blog I want to present another part of the river. The StillWalks, “Abertawe Walk”, takes you along the cycle path between the Liberty Stadium and the bridges at SA1 and the Maritime Quarter in Swansea.

The production for this walk was done in the Autumn and the walk takes you through the woods along side the river as well as the cycle path.

The video can be seen here and the photos below are taken from that production.

abertawe walk

from Abertawe Walk – Autumn

from Abertawe Walk

from Abertawe Walk

Lifting the Mood – Last of the Monotone

Yesterday’s official opening of the StillWalks project exhibition “Sights and Sounds of the Countryside” went very well. It was busy enough for me to forget to get photographs and with the preparations beforehand, I also forget to arrange for photos to be taken. If you want to find out a little more, please visit the StillWalks Facebook page (and Like!). I will be reporting more on the exhibition when it finishes on 10th July.

In the meantime, here are the last of the apparently black and white photos from around the exhibition space – these first three being of the lift doors – and then on to a splash of colour from one of the chairs.

Brushed Aluminium

Brushed Aluminium

Metal Perspective

Metal Perspective

Corner Joint

Corner Joint

Another language

Another language

Colour Mesh

Colour Mesh

Around the Room – Urban Interior

Which photos are black and white?

Continuing my exploration of the venue of the StillWalks exhibition for the Sights and Sounds of the Countryside project, here are some more shots of aspects and objects in the room other than the exhibition itself.

As with the photos in my last couple of posts, most of these photos are full colour – but not all! So, which ones are black and white?

door bracket door bracket grille grille flex grip

Blind Textures – taking a closer look

This is like one of those “guess the object” games you used to see on TV where they would gradually zoom out from a close up shot of a familiar object.

Whilst the post title (and the previous post) is perhaps a give away, if you were looking at these shots out of context, they might have had you guessing. I deliberately left the section on the right of the first shot as a clear clue for anyone who thinks it is not immediately obvious what the the image shows.

The last shot is in a higher resolution so that you can get a good close look at the pattern of texture in the fabric. Click on the image to enlarge.

Blind stripes Blind stripe
Blind Texture

Blind Patterns

During a quiet time in the Sights and Sounds of the Countryside exhibition (see previous posts), I started looking around in more detail at the exhibition space (not the exhibition itself).

The sun was not shining and so the patterns of light on the floor in the room were not there (see previous post). Over the next couple of days I am going to put up what I found instead. NB This is not b & w photography –  the images are a little darker than reality but I thought they were more atmospheric this way. I tried them in b & w but preferred this white balance.

Blind Patterns 1

Blind Patterns 2

Blind Patterns 3

Blind Detail 1 Blind Detail 2 Blind Detail 3

Looking Out the Window

The full project exhibition for the StillWalks project “Sights and Sounds of the Countryside” is now set up in the Mechanics Institute, Pontarddulais, and we are just waiting for the official opening on Wednesday 3rd July.

In the meantime, as well as the carnival photographs I took yesterday, I have been getting one or two extra shots including these from the exhibition room on the top floor.