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My Walk this Week 208 – Compare and Contrast

My walk this week is green and luscious and through something of a swamp! It is one I have only done once before and that was during an icy winter, so I wanted to compare and contrast the two seasons.

green walk

I don’t think I need to say much about the differences as they can be seen in the galleries below, but one of the most interesting to me is the is the water surface in the swamp/pond. In winter it was covered in thick, dark, opaque ice with a dusting of snow while on this more recent walk it is covered in thousands of catkins and algae.

The soundscapes are different as well, and again, I don’t think I need say much. The strange “groaning” sound in the Spring soundscape may be a distant goods train as there is a railway track nearby, but I cannot be certain.

Gorseinon Walk Soundscape and Images

The soundscape media player does not show on the WordPress Reader, please visit the website to listen to the soundscape and view the images at the same time.

Winter Walk Soundscape and Images

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  1. Thank you Alistair,
    Loved seeing the contrast of seasons and hearing the birds and stream sounds. Stunning colours too.
    I’m getting ready to move away from being in Poldark Country, (exposed windy coastal edges to a woodland setting)..
    Thank you for your precious work at this time!

  2. Well that was upsetting (I just lost the message I typed, because it went to a message telling me to fill out a form on your website first click and when I clicked [back] it had gone!) Oh well, I was trying to say how I have similar bird song through my window right now, one bird just doesn’t stop singing (oh wait, it just took a breath). Lots of trees planted here, so many by my own hands and some more than 20 years ago, some in pots waiting their forever home (oak, birch… even a few conifers and sycamore saplings). I can’t do swamps myself, as I’ve a terrible allergy to midges and will probably never be able to go to the west of Scotland happily.

    • I’ve worked it out. From the Reader feed on wordpress, I can comment freely, but if I click to go onto your website page first and click SEND it goes to:

      Error: please fill the required fields (name, email).

      « Back

      Then when you click Back the message has gone. Hope this helps.

      • Yep. That’s it. And that is why I use the reader to comment on those blogs that requirement to put in my details. Glad you sussed it and thanks

    • Love the sound of all your trees. Sorry about the form thoughI can’t explain without precise details. Certainly it has happened to me with other blogs and I learned to copy the message text before doing anything else. The birds are enjoying the sunshine outside my studio today and currently that includes the machine gun fire of magpies. I like magpies but they can be very noisy

      • I think that is what scared the song bird for a while, for there was a magpie visit, then gone. The song bird has piped up again, a bit like me now I’ve my results back and they’re [Negative] for covid-19

        • That’s good to hear. I know as a key worker I can get a test done but I have no symptoms so there seems no point. Even if the test was negative I’d have to take time off.

          • I’ve had symptoms and as partner is NHS worker Swan’ (probably TMI, but still) so we needed to know before back tomorrow. I really, REALLY feel for those with positive results, for how scared that must be and if they’ve a sore throat too, not being able to communicate… Bless ’em.

          • I know what you mean. I really feel for those who have had family members suffer or die from it and have not been able to visit them.

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