Gull on rooftop

My Walk this Week 155 – New Memories from Whitby

My walk this week is from 2009 – let me explain. My wife was recently surprised by the Photos app on her iPhone telling her she had a new memory which turned out to be from Whitby in 2009. That seems to me to be an old memory, not a new one. However, I checked the memory section of my own Photos app and found a similar set from the same holiday we had taken.

Harbour wall left

When looking through the photos it was the one above that caught my eye (apart from the happy family snapshots) – I like the form created by the angle it is taken from. On looking more closely at the images, Continue reading

Great Ayton Walkabout – Birthplace of Captain Cook

We had a great walk round Great Ayton during our Easter visit to Middlesbrough. It is a village I have known for over thirty years but not visited for probably twenty or more.

The day was cold but bright and I took a few photos, including the obligatory one of Captain Cook.  One of my favourites was this one of the change of textures in the River Leven as it flows over a small weir.

Changing Textures

Changing Textures