Hereford Cityscape – Reviewing the Walk

Back at the start of my walk this week and you can listen to the soundscape while viewing the images. The image below shows two parts of the same alleyway – despite the graffiti the walkthrough is kept pretty clean.

Hereford walkway

Hereford City Walk Soundscape

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Cathedral in Bronze

Reaching the end (or the entrance) of Church Street on my walk this week around Hereford city centre, I took another of many looks at the cathedral. In front of the building is a paved area with a brick mosaic design set into it. While this is interesting, I was much more intrigued by the unusual bronze model of Hereford set on a plinth near the cathedral gates.

Taking a closer look at some of the architectural details of the cathedral could take a long time (which I didn’t have) as the building is so intricate in its embellishments.I wasn’t just taken with the designs created by the stone masons, but also with the patterns and textures of the stones themselves. Presumably these have been produced when cutting the blocks for building.

I’ll be able to take another look at the interior of the cathedral next week, not for the purpose of posting on this blog but for my younger daughter’s graduation from Hereford College of Art – well done Hannah – you can see her work at

Hereford in Bronze

Hereford in Bronze

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Hereford Cathedral

Not affected by the flooding River Wye, Hereford cathedral is still undergoing repairs.

The tree in this photo conveniently hides the scaffolding covering the main side entrance to the cathedral. I was tempted to enhance the effect of the lowering sun on the front of the building but decided in the end that it was enough like a picture postcard already!

Hereford Cathedral

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Hereford Cathedral

Here we go then, as promised, some photos from Hereford Cathedral which we visited last Saturday. We must go again to see more, particularly the Mappa Mundi. It was frustrating not to have more time.


The “Corona” above the altar – designed and made by Simon Beer, Siversmith, of Lewes in Sussex and paid for by the Friends of Hereford Cathedral. It was assembled on the crossing floor in late 1992 and dedicated in December.


Tapestries by John Piper


One of the boilers / radiators, an effective way to heat such a building.


One of the amazing organs.

IMG_3661 IMG_3664 IMG_3670