New StillWalks Video Collection

“StillWalks at Lliw Reservoirs” – This new collection of StillWalks videos looks at Lliw Lower Reservoir through all four seasons as well as a Spring walk to the upper reservoir. It also includes a short introduction.

Below is the introduction and a sample from the collection which is available here or can be bought at the  reservoir cafe on disc.

As with all StillWalks videos, the sounds are unique to the time and place of the walk. In the case of this collection, the location is the same in each video, albeit with a slightly different route taken each time. The sounds recorded, however, vary with the conditions and the acoustics of the surrounding landscape are affected by changing weather conditions to give different effects to permanent features such as flowing water or background ambience.

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Order StillWalks DVD Collection 1 or 2 for a beautiful set of relaxing StillWalks videos or order your own choice of StillWalks videos on DVD with your own message.

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Collection 1 features seven walks in South Wales. Collection 2 features eight walks from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Existing DVDs – £11.99 each.

Order a bespoke collection of your choice of 4 or 8 StillWalks videos. These can be authored in PAL or NTSC standards (see below). Bespoke DVD collections are produced with a unique disc label and cover which can include a special message if required.

Four StillWalks videos of your choice on DVD – £45.00, eight videos – £75.00.

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NB – Existing DVDs are available in the PAL standard. These DVDs may be watched on any computer but they will not play on a TV in certain countries where the NTSC standard is used, such as the USA. Click here for a list of countries using PAL and NTSC standards.