My Walk this Week – Signs of an Elephant

Over the next six weeks “My Walk this Week” will be describing selected walks I have taken in the past. For this week I am looking back at a walk I called Ditch Hikers Walk and produced as a StillWalks video. The walk is located at Skanda Vale in Carmarthenshire and does not feature an elephant, Continue reading

The Answer!

Here is the answer to the question on yesterday’s post.

Skanda Vale

That’s right – an elephant! We were walking down a path towards Skanda Vale Hospice and Hindu Temple. They keep their elephant by the main temple on the hill and take it for 10 mile walks each day.

Sorry there is no photo of the elephant – maybe next time. However, for those who enjoy listening, here is a sound clip from the recce walk we did – the sound of birds above the Skanda Vale Temple, a beautiful peaceful place.


Or you can listen through SoundCloud