The Width and the Depth

The route of the River Lliw, from its source in the hills (see other posts this week) to its mouth in the Loughor Estuary, passes through Gorseinon. Here the children from Felindre Primary School are measuring the depth and width of the river as part of the Clear Streams project.

In time they and other schools will be involved in the project, will be making further investigations into the environment of the river from mouth to source to help develop understanding of the benefits of keeping our rivers and streams clean.

Clear Streams

River Lliw at Gorseinon

Light on Water

It is worth keeping our rivers and streams clean if only for the beautiful effects of sunlight falling on clear water.

The reasoning for the Clear Streams project goes much further than that of course. However, it is still important in my mind, that those taking part in the project appreciate these visual aspects as well as developing their understanding of the environmental aspects.

The orange in the second image was not left in the River Lliw. It was being used as a device for measuring the rate of flow of the river at this second stage through Felindre on its way to the river mouth at Loughor.

Light on Water

Orange in Water

Looking for the Source

The source of the River Lliw is situated up in the hills of the Mawr ward in Swansea, South Wales.

The Clear Streams project being managed by Swansea’s Countryside Connections Team helps people to better understand the responsibility we have towards maintaining the cleanliness of rivers and what we can do maintain them. The project, which I am documenting, is taking school children from four primary schools out to explore the River Lliw from source to mouth. The aim for my part in the project, is to produce a teaching and learning resource for future use by schools and communities.

The scenery at the source is beautiful and so, when the weather is dry, it is a very pleasant work place. The source of the river is not a spring but a point on the hills into which the water of the surrounding slopes drains.

Clear Streams Project

Clear Streams

Architecture and Trees

I enjoy both natural and urban environments but when it comes to the urban environment, it is an absolute certainty that it will be enhanced by including natural elements, particularly trees.

Architecture Patterns-2

Cardiff architecture

Architecture Patterns-3

Cardiff architecture

StillWalks featured walk videos, until now, have been changed at the start of the week on Mondays. It is now my intention to change these over on Sundays. Therefore this week’s featured StillWalks video, “Deer Park Walk” begins its run today and will be available to watch at full length and 480 resolution until next Sunday. It will revert back to a low resolution sample length on the Monday.

The video features the sights and sounds of the Deer Park in Spring at Golden Grove / Gelli Aur Country Park in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The video above is in 480p quality. You can use the Donate button below to pay however much you want and receive a high quality (720HD) download of this week’s featured StillWalks video – “Deer Park Walk” which features part of Gelli Aur / Golden Grove Country Park in Carmarthenshire Wales. Click the image above to watch the video. DVD Collections are also available to order in the StillWalks Shop.

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Walks, Walking and Wilderness

I am always on the lookout for new walks.

Whether it be the natural or man made environment, I try to keep my eyes and ears open for interesting things or a way to look at something that makes it interesting.

These photos are from a short exploratory walk I did recently when, driving along a small country road through what felt like a complete wilderness, I passed a “footpath” sign. These signs always make me want to stop immediately and take a closer look at the route to which they point.

On this occasion it was easy for me to stop and park the car off the road and grab my cameras. I wasn’t able to go very far on this occasion but I will certainly be exploring the area more in the future. The location was near Cwm Cerdinen,  just over the mountain from where I live in South Wales.


This week’s featured StillWalks video is set a few weeks ahead of the current date in terms of the time of year but the flowers and activity of the birds celebrate the beautiful sunny weather of Spring with gusto and are a welcome change to the wild, wet and windy weather we had through Winter.

The video above is in 480p quality. You can use the Donate button below to pay however much you want and receive a high quality (720HD) download of this week’s featured StillWalks video – “Garden Park Walk – Spring” which features Clyne Gardens in Swansea, South Wales. Click the image above to watch the video. DVD Collections are also available to order in the StillWalks Shop.

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The Male of the Species – Catkins at Llys Nini

These male Hazel Catkins are looking for a mate.

I suspect that these catkins have been hanging around at Llys Nini Animal Center woodland area for a little while as the weather in the UK this winter has been confusing to say the least!

Hazel Catkins

Hazel Catkins detail

What a Lot of Wattle – Fencing at Llys Nini

Wattle fences are becoming common at Llys Nini Animal Centre.

One of the many woodland jobs carried out as part of Llys Nini Animal Centre woodland management is the building of wattle fences. The woodland is managed by Phil Morgan and it is he, along with an extensive team of adult volunteers and visiting school children, who create these wonderful pieces of weaving in the natural environment.

This abandoned section of wattle fencing I came across in one of the fields next to the woods, gave me some great subject matter for my photography. I love its unwinding form and apparent keenness to get back to the earth.

Wattle fence

wattle fence detail

Wattle Fence

And the sounds were like this

I had forgotten that if I am posting sound files, I need to embed them in the post if they are to be seen in an email. The post that went out this morning only had the two sound clips below linked to the StillWalks SoundCloud account. That is fine for many of my followers but for those who receive and read the posts in an email, here are the two sound clips recorded at Llys Nini Animal Centre woodland last week. Like I said, the birds sing regardless of conditions and traffic and care not what recording equipment you may use.