equine evaluation

Agricultural Show 3 – Equine Evaluation

My last post from our local agricultural show is about the equine presentation and evaluation, an event always to be enjoyed. Unfortunately there was no show jumping this year and as a result the crowds were thinner than I have known in the past.

horse head

I enjoy watching the horses and miss the events I used to regularly photograph. As with the other animals in the show, the ponies and horses are all immaculately turned out and the riders are doing their very best to gain that red first rosette.Continue reading

old Austin grill

Agricultural Show 2 – Grilled To Perfection

Our local agricultural show features many different events and exhibits some of which were grilled to perfection! I should say groomed to perfection as the time an effort people put into presenting their animals or artefacts is obvious. But my take on the show today features old tractors and cars belonging to local enthusiasts and it is the patterns of grills in particular that I focused on.

Grilled to perfection

M F or Massey Ferguson is a well known manufacturer of tractors going way back, but there were others as well and whatever the colour of their paint, including the bright pink of one of the old Austin cars, it was their grills, or perhaps I should say grins, that interested me.Continue reading

Reviewing the Walk – Snowdonia Recce

This was one of my last views on my recce walk through the Lledr Valley in Snowdonia, North Wales. I didn’t manage to do any field recording on this walk so I am afraid there is no soundscape again this week, but a¬†sequence of selected photos from through the week can be viewed below.

Lledr Valley Mist

Continue reading

The Horses have It

StillWalks-Equestrian is a new website and service born from the interest taken in my photography for the production of StillWalks.

Bont Show

Ready and Waiting

Relaxing virtual walks for horses? – No ūüôā Maybe there will be some StillWalks made for horse riders in the future but they might require me to take along step ladders on production day in order to get the same sort of view point as the riders. In fact, many existing StillWalks routes have had evidence of horses along the way.

In Action

In Action

The sound of the show – One of the aspects of StillWalks I enjoy the most is sound recording. As yet, I have only done this at one show and I have not published the StillWalk produced. I look forward to the next opportunity as the sounds at a horse event are so distinctive. Here is a clip from the unpublished Bont Show Walk – remember, you’ll need to go to the blog to see (and hear) this clip.

Examples of photography for StillWalks-Equestrian can be seen on the website at www.equestrian.stillwalks.com with all images being available for sale at www.photoboxgallery.com/stillwalks-equestrian

Taking Off

Taking Off