Gate to the mountain

My Walk this Week 232 – Wandering the Hillside

My walk this week is more of a wander on Cefn Drum, one of our local hills. Being a sunny Sunday afternoon, the hillside was busy with 4 or 5 other people gently strolling along the labyrinth of footpaths, so I didn’t hang around long and beat a retreat back down the hollow way seen in my last post.

The video includes flowing water again, but this is a sound it can be hard not to hear in Wales, especially at this time of year. And once again the video is also my soundscape for this week and indeed it includes separately recorded sound as well as that recorded as video.

My walk started well before the gate to the mountain (we say mountain but really it is a hill rising to about 750 feet), but a gate is a good starting point, a threshold, whatever rusty state it may be in.

My walk on the hillside ended with another battered aged gate, one with a different perspective, at least from the angle I photographed it.


Fibre Connections – Metal and Weaving

Continuing with my textural link to StillWalks, these and other mini woven tapestries are available on my new Etsy Shop, ACMDesign – each one is unique. I have described them as “tapestry notes”, and in doing so, I was thinking back to when I started using wire in my work as an artist.

One of the first tapestries I wove that included barbed wire can be seen here. It and another are also on the Etsy shop. However, barbed wire is not the starting point for my work with wire and my interest in metal.

I originally started working with wire in a similar way to which I am now doing with these mini tapestries – as design notes. I think of them in the same way as I think of drawing in a sketch book, and as I work on them, I develop my feel for the wire and find out how it interacts with the soft fibre of the warp and weft. More on this tomorrow.

AD Mini Tapestries-14

AD Mini Tapestries-13

AD Tapestries-23

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Another Side to StillWalks

Many of the photos I take for StillWalks videos are influenced by my interest and enjoyment of texture. I am sure this comes from the fact that I am also a tapestry weaver.

My most recent tapestries are small in scale and produced as “tapestry notes” and can be seen on my new Etsy shop, ACMDesign. Each one is unique and presented in a box frame and at £38 / $60, make fantastic Christmas presents 😉

Some of my other tapestries incorporating barbed wire are also available at the Etsy shop.

Mini tapestry box framed

Mini tapestry box framed