A Field of Fog and Fences

When I arrived at the highest point of my walk this week and rose above the fog, I was taken completely by surprise. Despite having walked through the mist, I hadn’t expected to see such a solid looking wall of it completely blocking the view I would normally have over the Loughor estuary and beyond to the Gower peninsula.

field of fog

However, on turning my eyes to the north, the scene was clearer and the last wisps of mist were Continue reading

Lonely Atmosphere

The sun was trying hard on my walk this week, to lift, or at least thin the thick mist that surrounded me and obscured so many details of the landscape. The foreboding atmosphere of the holloway footpath in yesterday’s post is repeated here with this naked tree at the edge of a field.

tree and fog

But as becomes apparent in the photos below, the mist is also influenced by a breeze and is therefore constantly moving. Continue reading

Dawn Walk

During the nice weather at the end of September I made a point of going for a morning walk slightly earlier than usual in order to catch the rising sun. The sky was just beginning to lighten when I arrived at my viewing point and the atmosphere with the clouds and mist  lying along the valley floor and amongst the trees was almost eerie.

Looking north up the river Loughor valley the distant Betws wind farm could be seen through a gap in the clouds while looking east across the valley the sun is clearly on its way as proven by the vapour trail glinting in the lightening sky.

You will also be able to see the second photo in monotone on Wednesday at Leanne Cole’s Photography blog post – Monochrome Madness 2-28

First Light

pre dawn light and fog

vapour trail

Looking back through the mist

Looking back at the recce walk we did at Lower Lliw Reservoir for the StillWalks “Sights and Sounds of the Countryside” project, when the weather made us hesitate about going ahead the next day, the theme of mixed and unpredictable conditions stayed with us for the rest of the work.

On the pre-production recce, we had thick snow . . . which was gone the next day. The following week the weather looked promising with a beautiful sunny Saturday . . . only to be followed on Sunday by what you see below. Very atmospheric but not quite in keeping with the rest of production.

Mist over Lower Lliw Reservoir

Mist over Lower Lliw Reservoir


Mist over the dam


On the edge


Reflecting the gloom

Drips in the Mist

Drips in the Mist

Mist over Lliw Valley

Mist over Lliw Valley