Returning Steps

I loved the woodland around the old shed I found (see yesterday) on my short walk in Carmarthenshire this week – the density of trees and yet the openness in the winter created a wonderful range of subtle colours, textures and patterns.

The first thing I encountered when starting on my return up the hill, was my own footsteps in the thin snow. The thaw was already in progress at the start of my walk and you can see and hear how fast the snow is melting in the footstep sound clips on Monday’s post – “My Walk this week – First Snow”. It is quite possible that this is not only the first snow but also the last of this winter – we shall just have to wait and see!

Carmarthenshire Woodland


Patterns and Prints

What are these pimples in the sand? What is that strange cone shaped object in the sand?

We took a walk along the beach in the Millennium Park at Llanelli, Carmarthenshire last Sunday and not for the first time I thought “I have to do a StillWalk of this place!”

I’ll post some more reasons for this thought over the next couple of days. All photos taken on my phone because we went for a walk, not a photo shoot!

Llanelli Beach-1 Llanelli Beach-2

Llanelli Beach-3

Llanelli Beach-4

Llanelli Beach-6

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Just scratching the surface – Swansea Bay

It was a cold but bright day in Swansea Bay the other day –  a good opportunity to get some more shots in towards figuring out a suitable route for a StillWalk in the Maritime Quarter of the city.

Knowing a place can sometimes make this task more difficult and I have been meaning to produce a StillWalks here for a while now. Maybe I will have worked it out by the time some warmer weather comes around!


Just scratching the surface


Discussion Group



What is this?

Can anyone guess the answer? During a recce walk near Llanpumsaint in Carmarthenshire, Wales earlier this week, we came across some interesting and unexpected evidence of . . . something!

The answer will be posted tomorrow 🙂


This is the setting, the heart of Wales


This is the view


The evidence


More evidence