Troserch Woodland Walk

My Walk this Week 199 – Corona Confusion

My walk this week is an offer to use my StillWalks® videos as well as these blog posts to keep calm and bring the outside in either for yourself or others who are self isolating as a result of the Corona virus pandemic, the confusion it brings and need to de-stress and cope with the anxiety that inevitably accompanies this unusual situation.

As the isolation strategy is to keep away from other people but not actually to stay indoors if you are living away from an urban environment, the StillWalks® message still applies as it is my hope that the videos and blog posts prompt you to go out if you can, and pay attention to the environment around you.

So this week I am providing a video below and links to one or two others as well as a selection of samples.

Starting at sunrise early on a summer morning in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, you will hear the birds and bees, sheep and a horse as you start out along the lane towards the beautiful woodland of Troserch. Crossing a footbridge, the reflections of light and shade in a river are accompanied by wild flowers and footsteps as you head towards a kissing gate leading out into the open fields.

Other videos you can watch or just listen to are:

A colourful Springtime garden video from France Garden Walk, France

You may also enjoy this StillWalks project video – Happy Muddy People

And this video which, unusually for me, uses actual video rather than still images! Forest February

Then there are further samples available on YouTube.

If these videos can help anyone in any way, isolating or not, I will be delighted. As always, more StillWalks® videos are available to download via the shop.

French Evening Walk – The StillWalks Video

Finally, here is the French Evening Walk StillWalks video I previewed on this blog a few weeks ago. It’s only taken a year to finish it off but I am pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy it.

Take the opportunity to watch and listen to it while you can because this 480p video is full length, but only for a while. The StillWalks videos on the website are now all sample length low resolution versions which are available to buy in a range of formats.

The walk takes place in the Indre et Loire region of France – specifically along the tiny road from the medieval village of Faye La Vineuse to St Christophe. It is a beautiful and peaceful part of the French countryside which lies a few miles south of Richelieu, the town designed and built by Cardinal Richelieu (think the Three Musketeers).

If you are seeing this in an email, click the image below to go to the blog and play the video.

Visit the StillWalks website for more videos

Selected images from the shoot are available on the StillWalks Photography site.

End of a French Evening Walk

My French evening walk took me so far along the road to St Christophe and then I did an about turn and headed back to Faye la Vineuse the way I had come.

It was getting quite late by this time and the light was going fast but what an evening! And the sounds I recorded . . . you will just have to wait for me to complete the StillWalk.

St Christophe Road

St Christophe Road

Woodland Reflections

Woodland Reflections

Night time in the fields

Night time in the fields

Faye la Vineuse

Faye la Vineuse

Looking at the Loire – A French Evening Stroll

This time last year we were in France, the Indre et Loire region. It is our current beautiful weather that has brought this to my mind.

On a few occasions I went for a walk along the  St Christophe road from Faye la Vineuse and on one occasion at least I took my cameras and sound kit. I have not been able to do anything with that material since then but looking at the photos again brought back memories of a great holiday.

Over the next couple of days I will be putting up a selection of these images. I have arranged the sequence of photos I want to use for a StillWalk video and now need to work through the sound recording for it. This should take me back there even more than the photos.

From Faye to St Christophe

Indre et Loire Countryside

From Faye to St Christophe

Indre et Loire Field

From Faye to St Christophe

Indre et Loire Woods