My Walk this Week – Botanic Colour

Red tulips at Swansea Botanic Garden

My walk this week is perhaps less of a walk and more of a showcase. We had a slow amble round Swansea’s botanic gardens in Singleton Park on a day that was dry but could have been brighter. Well, I say brighter but I mean sunnier as there was plenty of brightness Continue reading

Flower Cycle and Reviewing the Week

My last flower of this week is not one from our garden, though I look forward to the tulips opening outside our studio.

Appropriately, as we end the week, these bought tulips are at the end of their cycle. They are no less beautiful for their age though, and I am often attracted by dying flowers with their colour changes and withering patterns.

dying tulip

Structural Patterns

My “flower” image today is not like the others I have been posting. The colour is still there and it is beautiful, but the structural patterns created by the plant are an even greater attraction. I never tire of it!


A Brush with a Broom

Our yellow broom hangs out over the garden path and so I brush past it every time I go up or down the garden. It is a welcome encounter 🙂

Yellow Broom

Yellow Broom

The Concertina of Time

Time being what it is, i.e. flexible/fickle/short/relative, my walk this week will not be happening. I hope you miss the “walk” but still enjoy my posts through this week of Spring flowers. Most are from our garden and the images are a mixture of camera and iPhone photos.

First up – crocuses 🙂


Cat in the Garden

This may be a very pretty cat, but remembering the dead baby blackbird I found in the garden a few days ago,  is he the culprit? Either way, he was enjoying the sun until he spotted me!



Cats whiskers

Teenage Blackbird

We have had Blackbirds in our garden every year for many years now but this year there are more than ever. A family of 5 lost one of their crew to one of the local cat recently but its youngest sibling is still around and enjoying the seed we put out for it and the other birds.

You can still see the yellow border to its beak showing that perhaps calling it a teenager is going a little beyond its age.

I like nothing better than to watch and listen to them outside my studio door. Below is one of the recordings I made of Blackbirds a couple of years ago.

Teenage Blackbird

Teenage Blackbird

Teenage Blackbird