Framed Landscape

If yesterday’s post was about the context of landscape and the subject matter (a red shed roof), this photo is about the framing of the landscape. The view looking south west from Goppa hill is framed by trees as you leave the area of the phone mast and ruins and it was this framing of the view that interested me.

It’s good to see so many trees in the middle ground but the distant Gower Peninsula is largely hidden by a haze. The framing effect would perhaps have been stronger if I had stepped back a few feet and caught a little more of the foreground trees.


This is Not a Landscape Photo

The context may be the landscape but the subject is . . .

I have taken a couple of other photos of this shed but as its red tin roof stood out amongst the trees as seen from Goppa hill (yes, next to the mobile phone mast! – see previous posts), I found this less obvious shot the more pleasing one.

tin shed

Eleven Arches and Some Local Goats

The local goats living in the fields near the top of the Goppa hollow way footpath have a great view over the landscape around Pontarddulais to the 11 arched railway bridge and the Louchor estuary. The bridge is a feature of the area which I have been trying to photograph for some time. Getting the best angle at the right time of day and in suitable weather conditions is a challenge. It appears distant in the middle ground of this shot and of course, another factor that I must consider is equipment. I don’t want to take my tripod and zoom lens with me on every time I walk up this hill and so there will always be an element of chance when it comes to getting  a photo I feel does the bridge justice.

landscape and 11 arched bridge

sheep and goats