Where The Sun Does Not Reach

The morning sun does not reach this part of the woodland footpath I was following, but there are advantages to this. The brambles here are still there for the picking, stretching out the brambling season a bit further – and they look very tasty.

woodland footpath


Urban Nature

Even without the colours of Spring, Summer or Autumn, trees and architecture or nature in urban areas is a very attractive mixture. It was pretty miserable weather when I took these photos but I still found the blend of man-made and natural pleasing to the eye.

Trees and Buildings

Trees and Buildings

Rosebay Rockets

I love these wild flowers – Rosebay Willow Herb. In every season they have so much to offer the eye. An explosion of tiny rockets like a firework going off. Whether there be colour in them during the Spring and Summer or the patterns of curly lines in the Autumn and Winter, they always have attraction for me.

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Rosebay Willow Herb


Rosebay Willow Herb

New StillWalks Video Collection

“StillWalks at Lliw Reservoirs” – This new collection of StillWalks videos looks at Lliw Lower Reservoir through all four seasons as well as a Spring walk to the upper reservoir. It also includes a short introduction.

Below is the introduction and a sample from the collection which is available here or can be bought at the  reservoir cafe on disc.

As with all StillWalks videos, the sounds are unique to the time and place of the walk. In the case of this collection, the location is the same in each video, albeit with a slightly different route taken each time. The sounds recorded, however, vary with the conditions and the acoustics of the surrounding landscape are affected by changing weather conditions to give different effects to permanent features such as flowing water or background ambience.

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The Confusing Colour of Seasons

Some of the colour I found my walk along Swansea Bay’s cycle/foot path recently was a little confusing. Autumn colours in  Summer? I discovered this young oak sapling on my walk through a wooded section of the path and although the year is passing quickly, I am pretty sure we are not in Autumn yet.

I guess it is just the colour that this particular variety of oak tree shows at this stage of its life/year. However, not long ago (in Spring) we found our amelanchier putting out a number of red autumn coloured leaves and wondered if the plant life of the planet is as confused as we are by the changing climate.

I don’t know what the red plant is in the second photo but its colour sure stood out against the green background!

Swansea Bay Plants

Swansea Bay Plants

Swansea Bay Plants

Beauty in Age

Maybe it’s just me but I find these dying daffodils still hold their beauty. It is just different to when they were young.

Dying Daffodils


A Winter That Never Happened

We did not have Winter this year where I live – last Winter, however, was different.

Having said that, his new StillWalks video is obviously from last Winter. I have only just completed it and would like to present it as this week’s featured video before the we are completely out of the season that never happened.

This featured StillWalks video will be available on this blog all week and will then revert to a small sample version. The video features Lower Lliw Reservoir near Swansea, South Wales.

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