My Walk this Week – Hints of Spring

The photos for my walk this week span a few days. I took the same walk each morning for four days and was partly inspired by the first hint of Spring – i.e. sunshine!

It’s another short local hill walk. The hill is fairly small, but steep and rises to about 450 feet. At the bottom my route followed that of the local river with snow drops lining its banks. I was tempted to stop and take some (rare for me) slow exposure shots of the water falling over the weir.

I didn’t have my tripod with me and so most of the shots were discarded. However, there were a few I liked including the underexposed one taken with a faster shutter speed and which shows the patterns and textures in the falling water.

Snow Drops

A Day in the Woods

The woodland management day I went on at Coeden Fach consisted partly of a tour around the woodland to see some the ways in which Dai, from Coeden Fach, manages the 9 acres they have near near Bishopston, Swansea.

This woodland is managed for a range of resources and activities but I think if you wanted to harvest some wild garlic, this would be a good place to do it! The scent was powerful to say the least but the taste of the flower heads was something else – delicious 🙂

Garlic, Celandine, garlic, Wood Anemone, more garlic, Snow Drops were amongst those hundreds of different plants and trees we came across in the woods. All photos taken on my iPhone 5c.

And the sounds? Listen below to the birds of Bishops Wood.

Coeden Fach-7 Coeden Fach-8 Coeden Fach-9 Coeden Fach-10 Coeden Fach-11 Coeden Fach-12

This week’s featured StillWalks video is from the south west of Scotland. This medium resolution full length version will be here all week and will then revert to the sample.

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