Horsey horsey don’t you stop . . .

The season has started again – I spent the weekend doing equestrian photography for Clydach Riding Club. It was their second event of the year and the sun shone all day giving me sunburn on the back of my neck. Mostly I only do the CRC  shows but if anyone asks me to do any other equestrian photography, I am happy to do so. Check out StillWalks Equestrian.

I usually take some extra shots on these days – some of them are below. The last one looks like it is in the middle of being Photoshopped, but the horse box really was that colour!

Photos from the show can be seen at

I have moved this part of the StillWalks photography shop to Photoshelter and will be moving the main StillWalks photography there as well. Until I do, all StillWalks photos for sale can be found at

Clydach Riding Club

Not all went to plan

Clydach Riding Club

Walking the course – No.1, No.2 . . .

Clydach Riding Club

Number 4

Clydach Riding Club

Number 5

Clydach Riding Club

Looking on

Clydach Riding Club


Hoofing It – A blog entry on the hoof

At the weekend I was busy again, this time with StillWalks Equestrian. Earlier this year I was asked if I would be interested in doing the photography for Clydach Riding Club and, what with nothing better to do at the weekends (ha, ha), I ventured on down to their new show field at Ynystawe.

I don’t have the best camera for this kind of work as the photography I do for StillWalks does not involve that many fast moving objects. However, I manage well enough and enjoy watching the events. Having watched my daughter riding for many years, it is very useful to have an understanding of what is going on. This also allowed me to appreciate the equestrian Olympic events that much more than I have in the past.

Here are some alternative shots from the weekend. The event photos can be seen here.

Hooves 1

Hooves 2

Hooves 3

Hooves 4

Keeping in the Cool

Keeping in the Cool