Beauty in Age

Maybe it’s just me but I find these dying daffodils still hold their beauty. It is just different to when they were young.

Dying Daffodils


Dark Water

The very last of the evening light reflects off the dark water of Lower Lliw Reservoir near Swansea.

The reservoir has some sort of filtration system which intermittently creates disturbances in the water surface. Seeing this in the late evening light was quite eerie, as though there was some deep water monster coming up for air!

dark water

Reservoir Reflection

I had two shots like this for the “Summer Reservoir – Evening Walk” video and the choice of which one to use was not a difficult one to make. This one was looking in the opposite direction to which I was walking!

Reservoir Reflection

River and Bank

The Morlais River flows through Troserch Woods in Carmarthenshire and out into more open farm land towards Llangennech and the Loughor Estuary. These photos from my StillWalks production walk in the Summer may well be used in the finished video.

Morlais River

Morlais Riverbank

Fencing the Footpath

Following the woodland walk I have been posting about recently, these photos are from the second part of that production day walk.

Troserch Fence

Troserch Fence Post

Early Morning Sounds

I am currently working on the photography and sound from a production day in mid Summer at Troserch Woodland, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

The unique field recording of the walk is absolutely essential if a sense of the location is to be conveyed. This sound clip near the start of the walk has a time stamp of 4:43 on the morning of 20th July and whilst the the images remind me of what the sky looked like and that there was a horse in the field, the recorded sounds take me (and you too, I hope) straight to the time and place and give me so much more information.

Sunrise at Troserch

Sunrise at Troserch

Good Morning!

Good Morning, you’re up early!

Crossing the Bridges

Yesterday I went through gates, today I am crossing bridges.

Foot bridges can serve a similar role to gates in a StillWalk. Useful as way markers both visually and aurally, the design, materials, condition, sounds – all play a part in identifying a stage in the walk.

Here are two of the foot bridges I encountered on my recce walk of the River Morlais and Troserch woodland with a view to producing a new Summer time StillWalk.

French Garden Walk and House Tours

New StillWalks – I have just completed a new StillWalk, for Summer, of my parents garden in France, “Garden Walk, France”. It is a beautiful garden and the sounds of the birds and bees, the church bells and the peace take me straight back there.

There is also a StillWalk house tour produced to help sell the house. Anyone interested should check it out and if you know of anyone who may be interested, please pass this on.

French House

French House

Busy Bees

Busy Bees