Back On the Buses

Due to my car breaking down recently (on top of a Welsh mountain), I found myself having to use buses to get to work for the first time in – well, I can’t think how long.

These photos and sounds may be familiar to those who use buses all the time, but for me, I came to the experience with a new ear and eye. The first bus I took seemed a bit of rickety old thing but this just made for a fascinating series of rattles, squeaks, creaks and bangs to say nothing of the changing noise of the engine and the hiss of doors.

These were recorded the day before World Listening Day!

Bus en route to Gowerton

Standing at bus stop Pontlliw



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Windy Walk, Dorset

Not everybody likes the wind but I, personally, don’t have a problem with it – I even like it on occasion.

This StillWalk takes place on a very windy hillside in Dorset, S.W. England. There is not much more sound in it than the wind!

What am I saying, of course there is – my footsteps walking through grass or on a lane, opening and closing gates, climbing over stiles – and of course the wind sounds themselves change with its strength, the kind of trees around, my position in relation to it and the landscape.

Who likes the wind? Watch the video below and click on the photo to enlarge.

Dorset Trees

Great Ayton Walkabout – Birthplace of Captain Cook

We had a great walk round Great Ayton during our Easter visit to Middlesbrough. It is a village I have known for over thirty years but not visited for probably twenty or more.

The day was cold but bright and I took a few photos, including the obligatory one of Captain Cook.  One of my favourites was this one of the change of textures in the River Leven as it flows over a small weir.

Changing Textures

Changing Textures

Looking at the Lizard – Lizard Point

Travelling down to Falmouth last Friday was difficult and disappointing – there was mist all the way and so, as we crossed Bodmin Moor, we could see nothing of it. We were  visiting Falmouth University with my daughter who thought the place was great.

Falmouth, despite the weather, was clearly a very attractive town. We had a walk about after our tour of the Tremough Campus and then enjoyed fish and chips for tea.

Staying overnight at Lizard Point Youth Hostel was fun! “It was a dark and stormy night” as we approached The Lizard along roads that became increasingly narrow and dark. It was only the light from the lighthouse (and the foghorn) that finally guided us to our destination. We kept our fingers crossed that the weather would improve by morning and in the meantime I enjoyed recording the foghorn.

If you don’t see the sound clips below because you’re viewing this in an email, then click the title to go to the blog or the individual links to listen to the Lizard Point set on SoundCloud.

Saturday morning did reveal much better weather which improved through the day. I had never been to this part of Britain before and enjoyed it immensely! I have included a few images below but there are 31 in all on Flickr all of which are available to purchase through the StillWalks PhotoBox site.

Lizard Lighthouse-1

Lizard Lighthouse-1

Lizard Point Youth Hostel

Lizard Point Youth Hostel

A View from Lizard Point

A View from Lizard Point

Taking a Bow at Lizard Point

Taking a Bow at Lizard Point

I might put a few more up in the next day or two 🙂




Feeling Felt

Last week’s fair at The National Botanic Garden of Wales was a bit of a wash out for StillWalks as was the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. On a sunny Monday, however, we were in Cardiff at the Welsh Makers Guild Gallery, Craft in the Bay, in Cardiff Bay where there was an exhibition by the International Feltmakers Association. The exhibition was called “The Climate is Changing” and, along with all the other exhibits in the Makers Guild shop, was fascinating and enjoyable to see. Now back to the rain!

99 Pieces of Driftwood by Marianne Sogaard Sorensen of Denmark

99 Pieces of Driftwood by Marianne Sogaard Sorensen of Denmark

Medusa by Annette Block of Germany

Medusa by Annette Block of Germany

Ultimo Salto - The Last Jump by Katia Volpe

Ultimo Salto – The Last Jump by Katia Volpe