A Pair of Ponies

I regularly walk down on the marshes by the River Loughor near my home but do not often meet others doing so. The path is well worn, so there must be more people using it than I meet there.

Earlier this year the route of the footpath had to be changed slightly to take it a little further back from the river bank. The evidence of erosion can be seen in the photos of fences in yesterday’s post. The new route runs through a field or two near the old St Teilo’s Churchyard and the fields are normally empty of animals. Sometimes there are sheep there but on this occasion there were two new occupants. They seemed friendly and pleased to see me.

I just have one question about the piebald one – could he be described as dappled on this occasion? ūüėČ

Ponies 3

Ponies 1

Ponies 2

Ponies 4

Ponies 5

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Featuring Fallen Fences

Last Sunday morning I went to the park thinking I was going to be late to join the Friends of Coedbach Park on a hunt for mushrooms and toadstools. There was a great deal of activity in the park with two football and matches and a rugby game going on and others waiting in the wing.

I walked around the woods but could find nobody looking for mushrooms or fungi of any sort – I found some mushrooms though – you can see them on Instagram! I should have checked my diary, I would have found the event is down for next Sunday, so I won’t miss it after all.

In the meantime I carried on with my walk and took the opportunity to focus on fences instead and here are a few of the shots I took.

Fences 1 Fences 2 Fences 3 Fences 4 Fences 5

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Light and Shade – Morlais Patterns

On a sunny day the patterns are easy to find, particularly around mid morning when the sun is at its most creative angle in this respect.

I was taking photos of fences last Sunday morning . . . not these ones though. These are from the end of my walk along the River Morlais. I had been thinking ahead and wondering how I was going to get good photos to finish with, knowing that the short section of footpath that returns to the road is not the most attractive feature in the area.

However, the sun was shining, it was mid morning in July (I started at 5.00 AM), and the patterns created left me in no doubt as to how the video for this walk would end!

Morlais Patterns

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River and Bank

The Morlais River flows through Troserch Woods in Carmarthenshire and out into more open farm land towards Llangennech and the Loughor Estuary. These photos from my StillWalks production walk in the Summer may well be used in the finished video.

Morlais River

Morlais Riverbank

Further Fences

OK, a fence and a gate ūüôā both from that second part of the Troserch Woodland Walk which follows the Morlais River out of the woods. I don’t think I’ll be using the fence shot in the StillWalks video but gates are useful in so far as they provide a key sound within the audio track that acts like a way marker and helps to provide progression in describing the walk.

Troserch Fence

Troserch Gate

Fencing the Footpath

Following the woodland walk I have been posting about recently, these photos are from the second part of that production day walk.

Troserch Fence

Troserch Fence Post

Troserch Woodland Walk (Part 1)

At last, here is the StillWalks video I have been working on Рa little reminder of the recent Summer.  Sometimes I find that a walk can be split into two separate videos and that is the case on this occasion. This first part goes through the woods as the title suggests. The second one will have a different title and will be alongside the Morlais river which flows from the woodland down towards Llangennech and the Loughor Estuary.

Click the image to play the video.

Update – this video is now sample size and length only. Please see the post about the Donate button for further information.

Selected still photos from this video are now available on the StillWalks Photography website.