Completing the Circuit

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Returning to the start of my recce for a StillWalks Sights and Sounds Tag Along Walk (see previous posts) brought me back to Parc-Le-Breos House via their pony trekking centre.

It sure is set in a beautiful part of the country!

Click on the photos to enlarge. More are available on the StillWalks Photography website at PhotoShelter.

Parc-Le-Breos Horses

Parc-Le-Breos Horses

Parc-Le-Breos House

Parc-Le-Breos House

Parc-Le-Breos Grounds

Parc-Le-Breos Grounds


Parc-Le-Breos hanging basket and arch way

Along the Walk – Three Cliffs Bay

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In planning the first StillWalks Sights and Sounds Tag Along Walk (see yesterday’s post), I did not go right down to Three Cliffs Bay. This is certainly an option for a Tag Along Walk but when I was there, the sun was way too hot and so I stopped at an excellent viewing point just off the footpath above the bay.

It is a fantastic place and must be popular at the height of the season but I don’t think any of the Gower beaches ever get really crowded.

Dates and times – If anyone is interested in doing one of the Tag Along Walks, I suggest you keep an eye on the StillWalks website for dates and times. These should be announced next week and numbers are restricted. If you are interested, please contact StillWalks so that we can contact you as and when walks are being organised and places become available.

Click on the photos to enlarge. More are available on the StillWalks Photography website at PhotoShelter (some day I will get the the two sites integrated).

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

Pennard Castle, Gower

Pennard Castle, Gower

Stepping stones at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

Contemplating Crossing, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

A New Dawn

I am going to ask you a favour but first, for the sake of the title of this post I am including an image of the dawn I watched on Saturday morning at the start of a StillWalks production day – I might even call the finished video “Dawn Walk”.

The favour? Please buy a StillWalk video. It will only cost you a couple of pounds / dollars / Euros and I need to test the system and get some feedback.

I have changed all the StillWalks on this website to low resolution, sample length videos and added a “Buy now” facility to enable purchase of the full length, high definition versions. Visit the Walks pages and follow the simple instructions to buy now.

Why do it like this? Last year I had an unpleasant and very costly experience with the original StillWalks automated shop facility. This way, I have complete control of it – at least until I have arranged for a new automated shop, which will only happen if I sell some videos in the first place.

Other things have changed on the website too. Please take a look around and see what you think. The design is the same but some of the content has changed.

Thanks very much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you see (and hear).

Troserch Dawn

Troserch Dawn

Crossing the Bridges

Yesterday I went through gates, today I am crossing bridges.

Foot bridges can serve a similar role to gates in a StillWalk. Useful as way markers both visually and aurally, the design, materials, condition, sounds – all play a part in identifying a stage in the walk.

Here are two of the foot bridges I encountered on my recce walk of the River Morlais and Troserch woodland with a view to producing a new Summer time StillWalk.

Walking Through the Gates

A recce walk through recently discovered woodland revealed a number of elements that can be very useful in the production of a StillWalk.

Gates, both the images and the sounds can, in the sequence of a StillWalk, provide a visual and aural way marker and in doing so, give a sense of progression. If the gates are of different design or in different states of repair, this too can be recognised as a way marker if the walk is circular, sending a message to the viewer that they are on the return journey.

There were several gates along the River Morlais leading into Troserch Woods. All were either of different design, at different angles, more or less rusted . . .

The sounds of the gates are also unique, though this is as much because of the surrounding conditions as the type of gate – here is an example from StillWalks on SoundCloud.

World Listening Day

I posted these sounds to all my other social media platforms this morning but held back until now to post it here.

The sounds were recorded during my recce walk for a new StillWalk video along a stretch of recently discovered river and woodland near where I live.

The video will obviously not include the Lancaster Bomber as it won’t be around when I do the actual production walk but it was good to hear on its way home from the annual air show at Swansea.

Click here or above to listen.

Over the Hills and Quite Close By – Felindre and Lliw Valley

Following the recent StillWalks project exhibition, “Sights and Sounds of the Countryside”, I was delivering some the display screens back to Felindre Primary School who had generously loaned them for the purpose.

Being a beautiful, sunny day and quite different to the weather we had on the project production days, I was tempted to walk some way along the footpath we had taken up to Lliw Reservoir. It is a part of the Gower Way and the photo below shows the start of the walk.

I would love, over time, to produce more StillWalks along here and at Lliw Reservoirs in different seasons. All I have to do is find the time or someone to pay for it!

These and more photos can be seen and purchased at StillWalks PhotoShelter.

Felindre Walk


Felindre Fern