Not Alone in the Wilderness

The sheep in this landscape enjoy the comfort of each others company in the wilderness of Galloway in SW Scotland . . . but the pheasant is asking for it as is typical of pheasants!

flock of sheep

Galloway scenery

pheasant in a field

Walks, Walking and Wilderness

I am always on the lookout for new walks.

Whether it be the natural or man made environment, I try to keep my eyes and ears open for interesting things or a way to look at something that makes it interesting.

These photos are from a short exploratory walk I did recently when, driving along a small country road through what felt like a complete wilderness, I passed a “footpath” sign. These signs always make me want to stop immediately and take a closer look at the route to which they point.

On this occasion it was easy for me to stop and park the car off the road and grab my cameras. I wasn’t able to go very far on this occasion but I will certainly be exploring the area more in the future. The location was near Cwm Cerdinen,  just over the mountain from where I live in South Wales.


This week’s featured StillWalks video is set a few weeks ahead of the current date in terms of the time of year but the flowers and activity of the birds celebrate the beautiful sunny weather of Spring with gusto and are a welcome change to the wild, wet and windy weather we had through Winter.

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