Seasons in the Sunshine

view south from Llyn Llech Owain

Continuing my walk this week at Llyn Llech Owain in Carmarthenshire, the sun’s shining bright and the haze looking south from the lake suggested heat. However, coats were still needed and although the seasons may be getting a bit mixed up with each other as weather conditions are disrupted by global warming, this was still the end days (hopefully) of Winter and the early days of Spring.Continue reading

Forest from January to June – Reviewing the Walks

Having covered the first half of the year of my walks in a local forest month by month and keeping to the format of posts I have been using for a year now (I think that will change next year), today I am looking back over the past week’s posts and selecting two images from each month/post. To head them up I have chosen one from April with the sun peeking through the trees.

Forest April Sunlight

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Forest Flower in June

This flower-to-be is a classic of the forest in June and if you don’t immediately recognise it without its colour, check out the patch of colour in the background as a hint or the other photos below. The sun and the colours are bright in June and with the forest in full bloom the light and shade is dappled.

June in the forest

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My Walk this Week – Port Eynon

My walk this week is from the last Taste of Gower outing to Port Eynon on the Gower Peninsula.It was a bright day with a bit of a breeze as can be heard on the sound clips I’ll be posting. We gathered at the Captain’s Table as a starting point for the walk and I enjoyed seeing the late display of wildflowers as we approached the beach to amble, stride or march along the sand towards Horton.

Port Eynon

We had all come prepared for changeable weather but were lucky to keep the sunshine for almost the whole of the walk. We weren’t the only ones enjoying it either!

The next ToG walk will be this Friday at Rhossili – details here.


Kunsthuis Colour

My walk this week around the gardens at Kunsthuis Gallery in north east Englandnon a beautiful end-of-summer day revealed a lot of colour. After crossing one of the wooden footbridges over a small river, I carried on past a creatively arranged children’s play area and then through a tunnel-like path amongst some trees to discover a wildflower garden at the extremity of the property.

Summer Flowers

Following the Footpath

Following the footpath on my walk this week with the Taste of Gower walkers took us up the hill above the village and between houses which, when we rose above them, revealed views of the Penclawdd vista over the Loughor Estuary.

There were plenty of details to see along the way with both man made and natural antenna presenting themselves in the forms of a radio ham aerial and the long pink arms of abundant rosebay willow herb.

Penclawdd vista

Penclawdd vista

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Pirate Day at Gower Heritage Centre and Reviewing the Walk

Spot the pirate in this final image from my walk this week with the Taste of Gower walkers. It seems Gower Heritage Centre had a pirate thing going on that day as was apparent from the staff costumes and various other piratical objects around the place once we had been served with our teas and coffees etc. and sat down in the cafe.

It was a great walk – the weather stayed more or less fine for us and I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love Three Cliffs Bay. By this time we will have done the next Taste of Gower walk at Penclawdd on North Gower and I will be posting about that in two three weeks time.

Gower Heritage Centre

Gower Heritage Centre

Taste of Gower Heritage Centre Walk Soundscape

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