Evening in the Park

By the time I took these photos on my iPhone on my way back home from Coedbach Park the Blackbirds had stopped singing to each other.

Unique circumstances – I am sorry I didn’t record them – there are so many of them in the park and the breeze was blowing the sound of motorway traffic out to sea so it could hardly be heard at all – like I always say, “the circumstances of what we see and here are always unique to the time and place!”

Coedbach Park

Coedbach Park

Swansea Canal

My chosen excursion on the second day of the Valleys Regional Park Community Tourism Conference in Margam Park was to two different points along Swansea Canal. The first was at Clydach where there is a Heritage Centre in Coed Gwilym Park.

The second was the Riverside Centre from where we walked along the canal into ¬†Pontardawe. The weather was mostly misty but it did not spoil the outing and the birds didn’t seem to mind – as proven by the sound clips below.

Margam Castle and Da Vinci’s Demons

My last few posts have been about the visits I made to waterfalls in the South Wales Valleys region as part of the¬†Valleys Regional Park Community Tourism Conference. The conference was¬†held in the Orangery at Margam Park, home of Margam Castle, one of the sets for the much anticipated Da Vinci’s Demon series. It is an amazing place and unlike the waterfalls featured in previous posts, I can for once say that I have visited Margam Park on previous occasions.

Some of these photos are available for sale at the StillWalks PhotoShelter site.

IMG_7642 IMG_7644 IMG_7654 IMG_7658 Margam Castle

Waterfalling Again – Melincwrt Waterfall

Our South Wales Valleys waterfall tour¬†(see previous posts this week) also took us to Melincwrt Waterfall. A popular and easily accessible waterfall near Resolven on the A465, it was fairly gentle when we visited as the weather had been relatively dry. We were told we must visit again after a period of rain – shouldn’t be too long waiting then!

Some of these photos are available for sale at the StillWalks PhotoShelter site.

Melincwrt Melincwrt Waterfall Melincwrt Waterfall Melincwrt Waterfall Melincwrt Waterfall Melincwrt Waterfall

Under the Bridges and Over the Rivers

Following my CTC Waterfalls trip to Aberdulais Falls last week, we crossed the road, went under the dual carriageway and over the Rivers Dulais and Neath as well as Neath Canal to get views of all three – the bridges themselves gave some good views!

Some of these photos are available for sale on the StillWalks PhotoShelter site.

under the motorway

Under the motorway




Valleys Regional Park – Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

This week I spent two days at the Valleys Regional Park Community Tourism Conference. Included in the conference were a choice trips to various tourist sites in the South Wales valleys.

Aberdulais Falls¬†I have passed this so many times over the years but not, until now, actually visited. It’s a fascinating place but if you would like to see the falls, you’ll have to come back tomorrow! The first thing I looked at was this iron staircase set against the rocks. I guess it is my interest in metal that led me from this to the water wheel and my interest in field recording that prompted me to record the changing sound of the water as it was channelled to the wheel with the falls in the background.

IMG_7524 Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

The Tonal Textures of Trees

Last Sunday morning it was wet but not enough to stop me going for a walk through the woods. It is a mixed, managed wood with the deciduous trees being higher up on the hill and the coniferous lining the main footpath.

I took the high path for my walk and whilst the soft ground underfoot was in keeping with the soft texture of the sounds around me, one of the most enjoyable (apart from the birds) was the changing sound of the wind as I moved from the deciduous area to the coniferous. You may think it is quite subtle or that it is just the wind rising, but in fact it is the change to the coniferous foliage that has caused the change in the sound. This takes place around the 3:44 mark in what is a 5+ minute recording.

Look at the photos and then play the sound clip and close your eyes to be taken there! Enjoy ūüôā

Fforest WoodsIMG_7488 IMG_7490