tree shadows

Shadows On a Spring day

My walk this week has looked at art, craft, design and now, having come back outside on a beautiful Spring day in Leeds city centre, I am looking at shadows. Standing on the steps of the Leeds Art Gallery and looking down on Victoria Square the subject matter of my photography (iPhonography) was obvious. The patterns of light and shade created by such a bright day stood out in strong contrast against both the warm coloured paving stones and the strong blue of the sky.

step shadows

The shot I took of the pattern of tree branches on the pavement confused me at first. I thought it was out of focus, until I saw on closer inspection that while the tree trunk shape close to the ground and cracks between the paving slabs were in focus, the higher branches of the tree had caused the sunlight to be more diffused and thus the shadows were soft and fuzzy, out of focus.

I am not sure I am happy about the pollarding of trees but I can’t deny that I love some of the patterns and shapes that are created by doing it and on this day they particularly distinct against the sky.

No soundscape today I am sorry to say – my apologies for that.

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